Make this a Summer They’ll Never Forget: do Nothing

SONY DSCSchool holidays are (finally) upon us in the UK. This past month has felt like cruel and unusual punishment as countries all over the world have broken up for their holidays and the independent schools have been closing up shop for the summer one by one! It has felt a very, long term indeed.

Now that school is over and the kids are finally free, let’s give them a summer that they will remember forever. I am not suggesting that we fill their every waking minute with constant stimulation – that’s what the school year, with its homework, after school clubs and play dates is for.

Let’s do…nothing.

Let’s take all the external stimulation away in order to fire their imaginations, their thirst for adventure, and their sense of self. Let them lie on the grass and find shapes in the clouds; create a camp from blankets; run under the sprinkler in their bare feet; paint endless pictures; make a mess. Oh yeah, and build a bridge out of loom bands!


Maybe this will be the summer where they have their first taste of independence, with a walk to the shops on their own, or a sleepover at a friend’s. Let them take on projects that they can devise and manage on their own, like a lemonade stand, a charity fundraiser, or a day trip of their own planning. Take them walking somewhere – anywhere, they will be filled with wonder wherever they go.

In the UK we have six short weeks after a long, pressure-filled school year. If we want our kids to experience a small fraction of the freedom we had, then summer is our best opportunity. If you have to work long hours all summer, don’t try to make up for it by cramming in evenings and weekends of activities. Just be with your smalls. Teaching your kids to do absolutely nothing and not get bored doing it is one of the most valuable life skills that they can learn.

Doing nothing will give them ample opportunity for adventures of their own making and it will fill their hearts and minds and make for a summer that they will never forget.

Are You Interested in Stocking The Fableists in Your Shop?

wear me out

We have a couple of stockists at the moment and we’ll be letting you know all about them as they’ll soon feature on our blog!

We love to tell our story and show the clothes off. We know that they speak for themselves when seen in person. Not only do the clothes look great, they are well made – sustainably. That means that ethical production and care for the environment are just as important to us as profit is.

The Fableists Denim Jeans

Our goal is to change the way that people buy, care for and dispose of their clothes. We don’t want you to put your kids in clothes that still contain harmful toxic chemicals and we don’t want to sell you clothes that are made by children, or anyone who isn’t paid and treated fairly.

Big companies that mass produce clothing for a pittance simply are not taking the environment, or the workers they hire in to consideration. They are completely motivated by profit and by buying their clothes, you are contributing to a global problem. These same corporations have had to adapt ‘sustainability policies’ and are required to change the way they make their clothes in order to adhere to new legislation. They have been given deadlines for this but we don’t understand why it takes a decade to start doing business in an ethical way.

Missy is in the Classic Jeans and Western Shirt

Missy is in the Classic Jeans and Western Shirt

It’s simple: We want The Fableists to grow up with an awareness of where their clothes come from. We want them to learn to make the right choices early. We want them to be comfortable in their clothes and play hard in them. We don’t want harmful chemicals in their clothes that could contribute to asthma or eczema.

Do you share our passion for style and sustainability? Would you like to offer your customers some great looking children’s clothes that you can have no qualms about selling? If you are interested in stocking our clothes, please do get in touch with Sarah Cooper at

The Fableists

The Gang of Fableists

The Gang of Fableists

50% Off Continues – Come and Have a Look!

SamRobinson_0813_TheFableists_0238We’ve extended our summer sale for another week. Take 50% off our entire collection using code fableistsfifty at check out. It’s such a great deal, you might as well pick up two of everything in different sizes! Visit now to have a look.

We ship worldwide and have sent clothes to Canada, Australia, USA, Germany, Israel and more. The 50% off will well and truly cover the shipping costs.

We’re so happy with the response to our clothes. No photos can do them justice. They are soft and super durable. They look amazing on kids of all sizes, shapes and genders. And they are made of organic materials, right down to the stitching. All of the factories we use have been certified safe for workers and everyone involved in the making of our clothes is paid a fair wage. The Fableists clothes are built to pass on to another child. They even come with their own passport so that kids can record when they owed the clothes and hand the passport on to the next child with the clothes.

Your Fableists will love our clothes. They are meant to be moved in and to play hard and live forever.

Check them out here!

See ‘Finn’, the Skateboarder from our Brand Film in his Latest Skate Edit

Many of you wondered about ‘Finn’ from our brand film. Director Olivier Venturini shot some fantastic tricks on set but he wanted to show the kid himself rather than his amazing tricks. The film was about his passion, his perseverance and the freedom he has to be himself and pursue his own goals.

But the tricks are very cool!

Finn has just completed an edit of some recent skate tricks. Have a look at what this 8 year old can do:


We Keep Our Prices Low so That You Can Buy Well

SamRobinson_0813_TheFableists_2356Our clothes are made with great attention to detail. They are beautifully cut and tailored. They are stitched so that they won’t fall apart. The fabrics are dyed so that the colours are rich and earthy. We want our clothes to be authentic and true to the story that we set out to tell. We never want to skimp on the quality of the clothes, or how they were made.

We have no hesitation in telling you that our clothes are better made than almost any kids clothing you will find; better made than the so-called ‘premium’ brands. When you buy clothes with a fancy name on them, you are paying for that name – not for quality. More often than not, when you buy clothes with a ‘designer’ badge on them, they are made for a pittance and sold at hugely inflated prices.

Tough But Fair

Tough But Fair

We simply don’t think that’s right. We believe that everyone who is involved in the making of our clothes should be paid a fair wage. We are committed to making clothes that are sweatshop-free. We support small, family-owned farms whose owners are working to rid their land and its produce of toxic chemicals.

The quality of our clothes, the beautiful designs and their provenance means that The Fableists is a premium brand. We purposely don’t price our clothes to compete with other premium corporations because we want to make the point that smart buying choices don’t have to be expensive. You can feel good about buying our clothes and they won’t break the bank.

Sophia in the Smock Dress

Sophia in the Smock Dress

Check out our gallery of happy Fableists here!

Our 50% off sale continues until next week! Pick up a serious bargain now