The Fableists Store Closing Down Sale – Now On

store closing down

We are closing our Coggeshall, Essex store.

Please take advantage of the sale prices to see for yourself the quality of the organic fabrics that we have used. Buying well made clothes for your children does not have to cost you or the Earth and we set out to prove that! We use suppliers who pay a fair wage and provide healthy and safe working environments across their entire supply chain.

You do not have to sacrifice style in order to buy well. If you look beyond the big, high street brands, you will find a wealth of independent designers who are creating trendy, wearable and beautiful ethical fashions.

Please come and have a browse through our online shop for stylish and adventurous boys and girls.


Weekend Sale at The Fableists to Welcome the Sunshine: 50% off!


Celebrate the sunshine with a whopping 50% off at The Fableists this weekend.


Visit and use the code fableistsfifty in your shopping bag to claim this amazing discount.

newbuylessDon’t delay! Sale ends Sunday March 15th. Happy Shopping!!

‘Not On The High Street’ to Surprise Mum on March 15th (and spot our Breton in the adverts!!)

Not on the High Street has created some television adverts with loads of brilliant ideas for celebrating Mother’s Day this March 15th (in the UK, anyway!). Look closely and you will spot The Fableists gorgeous Breton Top.

In ‘Tasteful Tea Party’, it’s on the little boy who runs in and out of the scene.

And in ‘The Secret Garden’, the gardener herself wears it.

Don’t forget Mother’s Day on March 15th and while you’re at it, pick up one of our Bretons for your Fableists. They are made from organic cotton and ethically and sustainably produced. And they’re unisex to help you to pass on the top when one child has outgrown it!

breton top on amelie

The Fableists’ Film Official Selection at Bokeh Fashion Film Festival

Our Film has been selected for the Merdedes-Benz Bokeh South African Fashion Film Festival 26-28 March in Cape Town.

To read more about the film, see the blog post.

Credit List

Skateboarder : Finnian Rocillo-Martin

Agency : Brothers and Sisters

Director : Olivier Venturini
Production Company : Great Guns Ltd.
DOP : Steve Annis
Exec. Producer : Laura Gregory
Producer : Tim Francis
Editor : James Demetriou

Post Production : Electric Theatre Collective
Colourist : Houman Abdallah
Flame Op : Taran Spear / Dave Birkill
Post Producer : Dafydd Upsdell

Sound Design : Jungle Studios
Sound Engineers : Culum Simpson / Alex Wilson-Thame

Music : ‘Hope/Grace’ by Delta Mainline
Camera & Grip Equipment : Take 2 Films

Additional thanks to:
Kevin Martin, Rick Lewis, Sarah Rollason, Thomas Barber, Ed Sinclair, Jayson Hunte, Mark Yeshin, Sam Masters, Adrian Hirons and Chris Grey.

Grab one of the Last Few ‘Chore Coats’!

Some of the sizes have sold out and we only have a handful left in the others, so grab one of these beautiful items before they go! We’ve reduced them from £35 to £15 – so they won’t last long.

Find it in our web store here.

The Chore Coat is ethically produced in organic cotton. It is based on vintage workwear and prison uniforms. It’s got lots of tough pockets for collecting stones and shells and it’s built for action but very sharp!

With spring around the corner, the Chore Coat will soon be an indispensible bit of clobber for your Fableist.

Sizing is generous. My 6 year old daughter is still in her 4-5 and my tall 7 year old is in a 6-7! So please consult the measurements of the item below.


The Fableists on the cool heads… the Contemporary Boys’ Store

cool heads

Photographer, creative director and mother of two boys, Kiki Kouthoofd has launched her own curated shop for boys, online. For the past couple of years, Kiki has been blogging and photographing her life and lifestyle as the mother of boys at the cool heads. She has attracted many loyal followers, who love the brands she’s discovered, the looks she’s put together and her fun and friendly way. This is a special blog, where you feel you know the writer and that you are getting personal recommendations. And they are the best kind.


Photos via the cool heads

Now, it makes sense for Kiki to offer her finds for sale in her beautiful, curated shop for contemporary boys and their style-savvy parents. This shop is by no means exclusive to boys – as Kiki herself acknowledges, the current trend towards unisex looks makes this a great shop for cool girls who want to play with the boys.

You’ll find more than fashion! the cool heads offer a great selection of books, magazines, wall art, accessories, toys and more.

the cool heads tees

You’ll find some amazing brands at the cool heads, all hand-picked by Kiki:


We are thrilled to be in such great company.

the cool heads are based in Amsterdam but ship their collection all over Europe. Visit and have a look.


‘The Fableists’ Unveil Animation Narrated by Jennifer Saunders

The Fableists’ ‘The Epic Thread’ takes us on a journey. Our young heroine finds a thread on her t-shirt. Curious to discover where, how and by whom her t-shirt was made, she sets off – with her trusty best friend – on a quest to find out the whole story of the garment. Like the protagonist in our film, we were curious about the provenance of the clothes that we were buying for our children. Our research into the fashion and garment industry turned us off buying from big, fast fashion brands and we decided to launch our own collection of sustainably made children’s clothes – The Fableists.

We make sure that there is no child or slave labour used to make The Fableists clothes. Our factories have attained ethical and eco accreditation and we have visited and inspected them ourselves. The cotton we use is certified organic and grown by a collective of marginal farmers. We use natural dyes and take steps to reduce our carbon footprint. If you buy clothes from The Fableists, you can know that they do not contain any harmful chemicals and that you are helping to break the cycle of kids making clothes for other kids.

Follow the story at

Creative Agency: Brothers and Sisters
Creatives: Jack Kerruish & Josh Pearce, Brothers and Sisters
Production Company: The Mill
Animation/Director: Kwok Fung Lam & Ivo Sousa, The Mill
Sound: Smith & Elms, Eclectic
Voice Over: Jennifer Saunders

The official press release is below:

Epic Thread

Sustainable kids clothing company, The Fableists, unveil the 2nd film in their series, which is to be seeded and distributed online. ‘The Epic Thread’ is a collaboration between creative agency Brothers and Sisters, The Mill and Eclectic with a voiceover from highly acclaimed comedian Jennifer Saunders.

The thought provoking animation features a fearless young girl and her pet pug Tony, who follow a piece of thread on the girl’s t-shirt. The thread takes them on an adventure through the life of the clothing, starting from her bedroom and ending up at the very farm where the cotton was grown.

Created by Brothers and Sisters, the animation was directed by Kwok Fung Lam and Ivo Sousa from The Mill. The film is accompanied by a unique music track composed by Smith & Elms at Eclectic.

The Epic thread 2

Eclectic’s Simon Elms says “I think that the challenge here was to create something that whilst retaining some sort of child like innocence, also had bags of attitude – a sonic reflection of the visuals.”

The Fableists is one of the only sustainable clothing companies for kids in the UK and was born out of a genuine passion to change the way in which kids clothes are produced. With so many clothes being made under illegal conditions in factories, the film is a call to arms to make us think about where clothes come from.

The brand has a simple mission – to break the cycle of kids making clothes for kids. Their range is fully sustainable, ethical and built to last and their designs are both cool and timeless.

the epic thread 3

‘’This animated spot is created by a melting pot of the UK’s foremost talent. It’s a great fantasy piece that takes us back to those fantastic books we read as kids and now read to our kids. Brothers and Sisters working with The Mill and Eclectic have delivered something totally original, that tells the story of the clothes, whilst creating a great young heroine” Matt Cooper, founder of The Fableists.

Andy Fowler, Founder and ECD of Brothers and Sisters adds “A director whose opinion I respect watched this film lately and said he thought it was the best combination of music and picture he’d seen for ages. I’ll take that. It’s not often you get to make something this pure and uncompromised. It’s been a privilege working with artists as talented as Ivo and Kwok and Simon and Colin at Eclectic.”

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 10.13.53[8]

Kwok Fung Lam and Ivo Sousa, Mill+ Animation Directors add that “This was a one of a kind project, which we all really enjoyed being a part of, and we are incredibly proud of the final result. This project offered a fantastic level of creative freedom, and it was a pleasure to work with The Fableists founders and Brothers and Sisters to create such a fun and memorable film. We gathered as much inspirational material as possible, from character look and graphical compositions, to colour and texture. This was followed by a real hands on approach creating character designs, mood boards, style frames, storyboards and animatics, all contributing to the final look and feel, which perfectly accompanies the narrative.”

Fabelists still_014

The Fableists: utilitarian-cool sustainable clothing for kids aged 4 to 10 years. Last year celebrated the launch of a visionary new label born from British talent, including leading artists, designers, production companies, an ad agency and an entrepreneur’s dream. Creative agency Brothers and Sisters, the multiple award winning global production company Great Guns, Oscar winning The Mill, D&AD nominated director Olivier Venturini and international gallery favourite photographer Sam Robinson have collaborated on creative projects for The Fableists. Plus respected artists and designers including Michael Arnold, Steve Scott, Crispin Finn and Greg Abbott were invited to design t-shirts for the collection. The new children’s brand is a mix of timeless, unisex and ultra-stylish clothes, built to last with solid ethical roots all made for a new generation of clued up consumers who want to buy differently. The label represents a move away from mass-produced fashion manufactured under sinister conditions and laden with chemicals.

Fabelists still_003

Andy Fowler, Founder and ECD of Brothers and Sisters: “Making a change in the way consumers shop and perceive clothes in terms of buying, using and disposing of them, will make a huge difference to family health, the lives of others, the planet and will help to create a positive movement. But we are also adamant that our clothes look the business. The creative potential is huge.”

“Like so many people, we were concerned with the growing throw-away fashion trend that led to such tragedies as the Rana Plaza collapse last spring,” says The Fableists founder and entrepreneur Matt Cooper. “When we searched for great looking clothes whose provenance we could trace for our own kids, we couldn’t find what we were after. We created The Fableists to meet our own needs and those of our friends and colleagues in the creative industries.”
Fabelists still_013

Are You Interested in Stocking The Fableists in Your Shop?

wear me out

We have a couple of stockists at the moment and we’ll be letting you know all about them as they’ll soon feature on our blog!

We love to tell our story and show the clothes off. We know that they speak for themselves when seen in person. Not only do the clothes look great, they are well made – sustainably. That means that ethical production and care for the environment are just as important to us as profit is.

The Fableists Denim Jeans

Our goal is to change the way that people buy, care for and dispose of their clothes. We don’t want you to put your kids in clothes that still contain harmful toxic chemicals and we don’t want to sell you clothes that are made by children, or anyone who isn’t paid and treated fairly.

Big companies that mass produce clothing for a pittance simply are not taking the environment, or the workers they hire in to consideration. They are completely motivated by profit and by buying their clothes, you are contributing to a global problem. These same corporations have had to adapt ‘sustainability policies’ and are required to change the way they make their clothes in order to adhere to new legislation. They have been given deadlines for this but we don’t understand why it takes a decade to start doing business in an ethical way.

Missy is in the Classic Jeans and Western Shirt

Missy is in the Classic Jeans and Western Shirt

It’s simple: We want The Fableists to grow up with an awareness of where their clothes come from. We want them to learn to make the right choices early. We want them to be comfortable in their clothes and play hard in them. We don’t want harmful chemicals in their clothes that could contribute to asthma or eczema.

Do you share our passion for style and sustainability? Would you like to offer your customers some great looking children’s clothes that you can have no qualms about selling? If you are interested in stocking our clothes, please do get in touch with Sarah Cooper at

The Fableists

The Gang of Fableists

The Gang of Fableists

50% Off Continues – Come and Have a Look!

SamRobinson_0813_TheFableists_0238We’ve extended our summer sale for another week. Take 50% off our entire collection using code fableistsfifty at check out. It’s such a great deal, you might as well pick up two of everything in different sizes! Visit now to have a look.

We ship worldwide and have sent clothes to Canada, Australia, USA, Germany, Israel and more. The 50% off will well and truly cover the shipping costs.

We’re so happy with the response to our clothes. No photos can do them justice. They are soft and super durable. They look amazing on kids of all sizes, shapes and genders. And they are made of organic materials, right down to the stitching. All of the factories we use have been certified safe for workers and everyone involved in the making of our clothes is paid a fair wage. The Fableists clothes are built to pass on to another child. They even come with their own passport so that kids can record when they owed the clothes and hand the passport on to the next child with the clothes.

Your Fableists will love our clothes. They are meant to be moved in and to play hard and live forever.

Check them out here!