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Fableists: We need your help! Our animated film, voiced by Jennifer Saunders, is in the running to feature in the next issue of The Drum Creative Showcase. In order for The Fableists to edge in there, we need your votes!

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The Fableists’ First Shop


The shop front


Grand opening Saturday 20th September 2014
10am to 5pm
Yes, there will be cake!

5a Church Street
Coggeshall, Essex
01376 564 117


Daf doing a spot of painting

Daf doing a spot of painting

We’ll post the progress as we go.

A coat of white paint

A coat of white paint

Can’t wait to open our doors so that you can all come and see and feel the clothes in person.

Some pieces of furniture to be upcycled into something fabulous

Some pieces of old furniture to be upcycled into something fabulous

An antique piece or two

An antique piece or two

We Keep Our Prices Low so That You Can Buy Well

SamRobinson_0813_TheFableists_2356Our clothes are made with great attention to detail. They are beautifully cut and tailored. They are stitched so that they won’t fall apart. The fabrics are dyed so that the colours are rich and earthy. We want our clothes to be authentic and true to the story that we set out to tell. We never want to skimp on the quality of the clothes, or how they were made.

We have no hesitation in telling you that our clothes are better made than almost any kids clothing you will find; better made than the so-called ‘premium’ brands. When you buy clothes with a fancy name on them, you are paying for that name – not for quality. More often than not, when you buy clothes with a ‘designer’ badge on them, they are made for a pittance and sold at hugely inflated prices.

Tough But Fair

Tough But Fair

We simply don’t think that’s right. We believe that everyone who is involved in the making of our clothes should be paid a fair wage. We are committed to making clothes that are sweatshop-free. We support small, family-owned farms whose owners are working to rid their land and its produce of toxic chemicals.

The quality of our clothes, the beautiful designs and their provenance means that The Fableists is a premium brand. We purposely don’t price our clothes to compete with other premium corporations because we want to make the point that smart buying choices don’t have to be expensive. You can feel good about buying our clothes and they won’t break the bank.

Sophia in the Smock Dress

Sophia in the Smock Dress

Check out our gallery of happy Fableists here!

Our 50% off sale continues until next week! Pick up a serious bargain now


The Fableists Pop Up Shop in London

DSC_0082For anyone who would like a chance to see and feel The Fableists’ clothes in person, we have a pop up shop in East London. It is located in the reception area of our advertising agency, Brothers and Sisters. There is plenty of space to check out the clothing. You will find most of the range there and if there is anything missing, we can arrange to get it to you by post or for collection at Brothers and Sisters.


Pop in and have a look. You will be amazed at how soft the Breton and Baseball tee are. All the denim items are superbly well made, with beautiful stitching and a thick, rich fabric. The colours of the t-shirts are much more vibrant in person.


31a Clerkenwell Close
London EC1R 0AT
+44 (0)20 7199 3100


The Fableists at The Ethical Fashion Forum’s #BrandPreview

source brand preview

Last week, The Fableists participated in The Ethical Fashion Forum’s second annual #BrandPreview. The event ran Tuesday 4th February and Wednesday 5th February. This event is a completely online webinar where ethical fashion brands in all categories get to present their latest collections and talk about the ethos and inspiration behind them.

This is a great chance for buyers and fashion press to see ethical brands that are available and ask questions and get in touch with them individually. Attendance is open to anyone but you had to register in advance.

For The Fableists, this was a great opportunity to meet other brands who are creating ethical childrens wear. It is great to hear the stories of other people and to talk to others who are passionate about the reasons for starting their companies and the lengths that they have gone to in order to ensure their clothes are ethically produced.

The other companies who were involved in our Preview, which took place at 5:30 on Wednesday, were Animal Tails, Babaa, Dhana EcoKids, Eco Divine, edamame, Eternal Creation, Fourzero, Macarons, Pink & Grey, and Plum of London.

One thing that is so important to us is that we view other people that are working in ethical and sustainable kidswear not as competitors but on the same team. We are all small and to go up against the big guns, we need to work together. If there is room for a Brand X on every high street in the world (and then some), there is room for all of us small, ethical producers. This is a bandwagon we want everyone to jump on. Our brands all vary in terms of design, aesthetics, ethics and inspiration but they are all on the same track and it is a track that we want everyone to climb on.

For many of us, our brands and message include an aspect of education because it is crucial that our message gets out to consumers. At the end of the day, most of started our brands in order to produce clothing that did not harm the Earth or her people.

Our panel was chaired by Tamsin Lejune, Managing Director of the Ethical Fashion Forum. She highlighted some trends in ethically made kids wear including:

  • Collaborations with artists and designers
  • Adult trends being replicated for children
  • Bright and cheerful colours
  • Personal expressions and diversity with clothes representative of lifestyle and interests rather than generic clothes for kids
  • How the brands are creating ambassadors for the ethical movement out of children

She then introduced each of the brands with a slideshow and spoke about each one. One of our favourites was Babaa, which is a Spanish knitwear company. Each item is hand made in Spain with 100% natural materials. They are made to last and each item is unique. They are creating products mainly for younger children but also have some toys and women’s items. Their knitwear is absolutely gorgeous and truly original. They feature bright colours but are also classic and so kid-friendly.

Matt Cooper, Founder of The Fableists spoke about how The Fableists began, highlighting that we had wanted to do something different from what we has seen before. He discussed how our look is based on a vintage, grown up look and that it is meant for every day wear. He spoke about how our clothes are built to last and made to be passed on to other children when you are done with them.

He went on to say that while sustainability is a key factor for us, design has equal importance. We want the kids to love the comfort and movement of our clothes but we want parents to love them too for their beautiful and cool designs but also for their ease of care. Our clothes are never meant to be out of style and most are unisex.

The topic that got the most response on our Twitter feed was the announcement that we will soon be launching a 2.5 minute animated film called The Epic Thread. This follows the story of a girl who pulls a thread on her t-shirt and follows it to find out how and where her shirt was made. This has been written by creative agency Brothers and Sisters and animated by The Mill. A teaser for this film will be available soon. So watch this space!

We are also launching a series of documentaries about ‘The Fableists’ all over the world. We are talking to amazing kids who might have a great talent, a passion for something, or have overcome obstacles. Our brand is not just about the clothes but about the story of the clothes from all angles – which is where we took our name, The Fableists. We are also promoting a lifestyle that is sustainable but fun, stylish, healthy, family oriented and all about getting out and doing and living well.

Another thing that Matt touched on is that we launched The Fableists as a creative collaboration with friends and colleagues who work in the advertising and film production world. Our clothes very much fit the aesthetic of how this industry dresses. We were inspired by the story of OshKosh, who made work wear for labourers but really became popular when they made a range for kids that imitated the uniforms of their fathers. As kids leave the toddler stage, they want to be differentiated from babies and wear proper, grown up clothes. At the same time, we think kids should still look like kids and not be following the latest fashion trends. Kids clothes need to be age-appropriate.

The full audio of the #BrandPreview is now available and can be accessed at this link.

Calling All Fashion Press & Bloggers: Meet the Fableists!


The Fableists are hosting an informal event and inviting all press and bloggers to come and meet the team and see our first collection.

Meet_the_fableists V2

We would love the chance to tell you our story and to introduce our beautiful kids clothes to you. Our full collection is sweatshop free and made with certified organic cotton. The designs are inspired by vintage work wear and are made to last. We keep in mind a parent’s needs and, as such, the clothes are easy to care for and built for both boys and girls, so that they can be passed on to younger siblings. They play hard and live forever.

Please come along Thursday 27th February, London EC1R. All of the details are in the image above, or you can find us on Event Brite or Facebook.

The Fableists Pop Up at Brothers and Sisters

DSC_0082Our partner and agency Brothers and Sisters have created a lovely pop up shop in the entrance of their offices. They have a number of our artist-designed t-shirts available for sale in the shop, as well as samples of the first collection. You can pop in to buy t-shirts and see the clothes in person.

31a Clerkenwell Close, London EC1R 0AT

DSC_0079 DSC_0080 DSC_0078 DSC_0077 DSC_0076 DSC_0075

The Fableists Launches Today with a Chance to Win a Free T-Shirt

The day has finally come and our web shop is open for business. Please come and check it out! All of our clothes are produced in small quantities, so if you’ve seen anything you like, you’d better snap it up quickly.

The Fableists' T-Shirts Designed by Gregori Saavedra

The Fableists’ T-Shirts Designed by Gregori Saavedra

What better way to launch than with a t-shirt giveaway? Over the next two weeks, we will be celebrating #FableistsFortnight on our social media channels Facebook and twitter. Each day during #FableistsFortnight we’ll give away one t-shirt. The winner can choose their design and the size (sizes available are 3-4, 5-6, 7-8 or 9-10) and we’ll ship it to you. That’s 10 shirts up for grabs!

We will post a status update on Facebook and a tweet on twitter each week day for 10 days beginning October 29th. To be in the draw, you have to either share the post on Facebook with #FableistsFortnight in it or you can tweet the hashtag #FableistsFortnight on twitter.

Each day the competition begins at 9:01 am UTC/GMT and ends the following 9:00 am. The last draw will be on the morning of Tuesday November 12th.


If not, get in touch.

Follow us on our social media channels to be the first to know about new collections, competitions and other cool stuff.

The Fableists

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