Are You Interested in Stocking The Fableists in Your Shop?

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We have a couple of stockists at the moment and we’ll be letting you know all about them as they’ll soon feature on our blog!

We love to tell our story and show the clothes off. We know that they speak for themselves when seen in person. Not only do the clothes look great, they are well made – sustainably. That means that ethical production and care for the environment are just as important to us as profit is.

The Fableists Denim Jeans

Our goal is to change the way that people buy, care for and dispose of their clothes. We don’t want you to put your kids in clothes that still contain harmful toxic chemicals and we don’t want to sell you clothes that are made by children, or anyone who isn’t paid and treated fairly.

Big companies that mass produce clothing for a pittance simply are not taking the environment, or the workers they hire in to consideration. They are completely motivated by profit and by buying their clothes, you are contributing to a global problem. These same corporations have had to adapt ‘sustainability policies’ and are required to change the way they make their clothes in order to adhere to new legislation. They have been given deadlines for this but we don’t understand why it takes a decade to start doing business in an ethical way.

Missy is in the Classic Jeans and Western Shirt

Missy is in the Classic Jeans and Western Shirt

It’s simple: We want The Fableists to grow up with an awareness of where their clothes come from. We want them to learn to make the right choices early. We want them to be comfortable in their clothes and play hard in them. We don’t want harmful chemicals in their clothes that could contribute to asthma or eczema.

Do you share our passion for style and sustainability? Would you like to offer your customers some great looking children’s clothes that you can have no qualms about selling? If you are interested in stocking our clothes, please do get in touch with Sarah Cooper at

The Fableists

The Gang of Fableists

The Gang of Fableists

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