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Meet Dafydd Upsdell – One of The Fableists

Dafydd Upsdell, One of The Fableists

Dafydd Upsdell, One of The Fableists

My name is Daf and it’s my turn to say hello and tell you a little bit about myself.

I began my career in the media industry way back in 2000 when I started working as a runner at The Mill post production house in London. Since then, I’ve worked for numerous companies and, over time, have made amazing contacts and lifelong friendships and to this day still can’t believe some of the things I have been lucky enough to be a part of and somehow still call work.

My involvement with The Fableists began down the pub whilst enjoying a pint – on this occasion with the one and only Matt Cooper. I can honestly say the job I had at the time was not very fulfilling and I was just going through the motions of getting up and going to work and not really thinking about what I really wanted to to do with my life going forward. I had always dived in and out of setting up small companies in an effort to make some money on the side but nothing really had ever taken off and (once again) I found myself sitting in the sunshine with Matt introducing him to yet another one of my “Derrick Trotter” business-type ideas. When I had finished (and after the signature Matt Cooper laugh), he took a deep breath, bought me another pint and said he wanted to tell me about something he had been putting together with Sarah, his wife – something they both thought was really going to make a difference.

Over the course of the next 30 minutes, Matt explained to me his ideas, the concept of The Fableists, the clothes they had designed and, more importantly, what he wanted the company to represent. As I listened to Matt (and got two more pints) I was blown away by how much work and time he had put into the idea and I couldn’t help but get caught up in his excitement and it was there and then I pretty much said that I wanted to be a part of The Fableists and get involved in the story.

So, as the months passed and as the Fableists grew, the more I personally got to understand the importance of what it meant to be an ethical and sustainable business and how important it was for us to position ourselves in this way. On a personal leveI I learnt about what it was to try and live within the sustainable boundaries of buying items such as clothes and food and as time has gone on I’ve realised it’s a very simple and fulfilling process to go through. Yes, I was fortunate to have Matt and Sarah point me in the right direction of where to buy clothes, for example, and why some companies were better than others but now I feel that if someone were to ask me how they would go about being sustainable, I think I am in a pretty good position to help them out through what I have learnt.

You see, that’s why I became a Fableist! If I can help someone understand and embrace sustainability in their life and they, in turn, pass this information onto others, then think of the potential as the story grows from person to person.

The simple truth of the matter is that we, The Fableists, are a company who strive to make amazing kids clothes that are bought because people think our clothes are cool, look amazing and built to last. The fact that we are embracing sustainability at the same time is our way of showing that all of this can be done whilst maintaing the highest possible environmental, social and ethical standards.

I love being a Fableist and I think you will too.


50% Off Continues – Come and Have a Look!

SamRobinson_0813_TheFableists_0238We’ve extended our summer sale for another week. Take 50% off our entire collection using code fableistsfifty at check out. It’s such a great deal, you might as well pick up two of everything in different sizes! Visit www.TheFableists.com now to have a look.

We ship worldwide and have sent clothes to Canada, Australia, USA, Germany, Israel and more. The 50% off will well and truly cover the shipping costs.

We’re so happy with the response to our clothes. No photos can do them justice. They are soft and super durable. They look amazing on kids of all sizes, shapes and genders. And they are made of organic materials, right down to the stitching. All of the factories we use have been certified safe for workers and everyone involved in the making of our clothes is paid a fair wage. The Fableists clothes are built to pass on to another child. They even come with their own passport so that kids can record when they owed the clothes and hand the passport on to the next child with the clothes.

Your Fableists will love our clothes. They are meant to be moved in and to play hard and live forever.

Check them out here!

The Fableists’ Launch Date Announced!



Thank you so much to all of you who have been following along with The Fableists as we prepare for our launch. We are thrilled to announce that we have a launch date:

Tuesday October 29th 2013

On this date, The Fableists’ web store will open and you will be able to buy our beautiful, sustainable clothing for kids online. Our ‘Lucky 13’ first t-shirts will be available as well as our first collection of clothing, including the Western Shirt, Parisienne Smock Dress, Classic Cut Jeans and Skirt and the others you have seen in our first ‘Look Book’ photos.

Be sure to ‘Like’ our Facebook page in order to be in with a chance to win a full collection of the t-shirts in your specified size (3-4, 5-6, 7-8, or 9-10).

Remember that all of the t-shirts are limited edition printings, with only 500 available of each design, so you’ll have to be quick! We will ship worldwide, so you can get your The Fableists gear in time for Christmas.

We look forward to seeing you at the grand opening!

~The Fableists

Some of Sam Robinson’s Shots of The Fableists’ First Collection

D’Ahngo is wearing the Parisienne Smock Dress

Jhango is wearing the Parisienne Smock Dress

Photographer Sam Robinson has gone and made our clothes look really fab on some amazing kids who we roped in to modelling for our first ever series of looks. We’ve told you a bit about our locations and what we got up to but we can now reveal the results.

D’Ahngo is wearing the Smock Top and Denim Skirt, Sonny is sporting the 'Dress Good' Tee and Apache is in the Western Shirt, Classic Jeans and 'You Are What You Wear' Tee

Jhango is wearing the Smock Top and Denim Skirt, Sonny is sporting the ‘Dress Good’ Tee and Apache is in the Western Shirt, Classic Jeans and ‘You Are What You Wear’ Tee

Amelie is wearing Breton Top, Classic Jeans and Chore Coat in Blue

Amelie is wearing Breton Top, Classic Jeans and Chore Coat in Blue with Vejas

Smock Top and Denim Skirt on Mimi and Classic Jeans, 'Tough but Fair' Tee and Western Shirt on Missy

Smock Top and Denim Skirt on Mimi and Classic Jeans, ‘Tough but Fair’  Tee and Western Shirt on Missy

Apache is wearing the Classic Jeans with Baseball Shirt and Veja shoes

Apache is wearing the Classic Jeans with Baseball Shirt and Veja shoes

Missy is in the Classic Jeans and Western Shirt

Missy is in the Classic Jeans and Western Shirt

Outfit as Above

Outfit as Above

The Gang of Fableists

The Gang of Fableists


Photographer: Sam Robinson (sam-robinson.com)
Photographers Assistant: Ross Brind
Retouching: The Laundry Room (thelaundryroomlondon.com)
Fashion Stylist: Jenna Riddle
Props Stylist – Gemma Pharo
Props Assistant – Nadia Tahari
Brothers & Sisters Producer – Lu Howlett
Brothers & Sisters Creative – Liz Moss

Thanks to:

Veja for the loan of shoes
Rachel Lincoln @ Netil House
Kat Sinclair (facepaint/makeup artist)
Djamila Hocini @ A+R
Shervorn & Cara @ The Laundry Room
Laura Vent @ Wicca

The Countdown Has Begun


Thanks to everyone who has been following us on the journey to launch The Fableists. We are now getting very near to launching our web site (sneak peek of the header above!). We will confirm the exact date soon but it will be in the next couple of weeks.

We will launch with our first thirteen artist-designed t-shirts. They are all made of 100% organic cotton and are sustainably produced from start to finish. We are very thankful to the four amazing artists who have produced such amazing work for our first collection of t-shirts.

Soon after our launch, we will begin to take pre-orders for our first collection of clothes, which will be available for shipping in October.

This blog will be changing with our launch as well, so look out for some exciting content.

Thank you for your support!

The Fableists

Meet Creative Director Andy Fowler of Brothers and Sisters

Andy Fowler from Brothers and Sisters. A Fableist

Andy Fowler from Brothers and Sisters. A Fableist

My name is Andy Fowler.
I am founder and Creative Director of Brothers and Sisters.
We are a bunch of 55 creative boys and girls in Clerkenwell, London.
As well as doing advertising for brands, we also like to create our own brands, platforms and products.
In many ways this is what inspires us and gives us the freedom we crave.

We love working with clever, inspiring people with great ideas.

Recently we launched My London Story – a beautifully emotional, location based storytelling app, with our friend Greg Williams the Executive Editor of Wired magazine.

I first met Matt from The Fableists about 9 months ago.
I love people who are full of spirit, ideas and belief.
Matt has truck loads of all three.
We got on like a house on fire – both entrepreneurial, creative people more interested in making a difference and doing interesting creative things than making money at any cost.

I have three kids: Missy 7, Sonny 4 and Goldie 9 months – and I share Matt’s frustration in the difficulty of finding clothes for them that are individual, beautifully designed and ethically produced in equal measures.
It’s either high street tat which I would never dress myself in, so I’m damned if I’m going to dress my kids in it.
Or, more likely, vintage from eBay or boutiques or small designer kids brands.

There’s no-one on any sort of scale proving it’s possible to marry the cool factor with the sustainable factor – until now.

Matt didn’t have all the answers when we first met but I could see in his eyes that he believed.
Belief is everything.
When I first met my Malian friend Ballo and he told me he believed he could make a difference to the quality of teaching in Bamako, the capital of Mali, by launching an independent teacher training academy – I saw the belief in his eyes.
So, Brothers and Sisters raised funds, made some flying visits and started a love affair with North Africa that will never die.

I hope our commitment to The Fableists is just as everlasting.
This is something to believe in, to get behind, to throw ourselves into.

We are going to throw all our creative skills at this – by telling the fables behind the brand – in films, in look books, in whatever media the stories are best told.

It’s going to be a hell of an adventure.
We want you to come with us.
Together we can make the first truly cool and sustainable clothing brand for the next generation.
For the future of the planet, for the future of the little people.