Happy Birthday to Us!! Come celebrate!


It has been one year since we launched The Fableists web shop! Yay!

To celebrate, we’re having a one day, pre-Christmas, 30% off sale.

Visit our web shop at www.TheFableists.com and use code birthday in your shopping bag to take 30% off (we are currently offering free UK shipping too!). Or come in to our store in Essex on Thursday October 30th and we’ll give you 30% off anything you buy.

Happy Birthday!

Sale starts now and ends Thursday October 30th at 11:59 pm UK time!

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We Keep Our Prices Low so That You Can Buy Well

SamRobinson_0813_TheFableists_2356Our clothes are made with great attention to detail. They are beautifully cut and tailored. They are stitched so that they won’t fall apart. The fabrics are dyed so that the colours are rich and earthy. We want our clothes to be authentic and true to the story that we set out to tell. We never want to skimp on the quality of the clothes, or how they were made.

We have no hesitation in telling you that our clothes are better made than almost any kids clothing you will find; better made than the so-called ‘premium’ brands. When you buy clothes with a fancy name on them, you are paying for that name – not for quality. More often than not, when you buy clothes with a ‘designer’ badge on them, they are made for a pittance and sold at hugely inflated prices.

Tough But Fair

Tough But Fair

We simply don’t think that’s right. We believe that everyone who is involved in the making of our clothes should be paid a fair wage. We are committed to making clothes that are sweatshop-free. We support small, family-owned farms whose owners are working to rid their land and its produce of toxic chemicals.

The quality of our clothes, the beautiful designs and their provenance means that The Fableists is a premium brand. We purposely don’t price our clothes to compete with other premium corporations because we want to make the point that smart buying choices don’t have to be expensive. You can feel good about buying our clothes and they won’t break the bank.

Sophia in the Smock Dress

Sophia in the Smock Dress

Check out our gallery of happy Fableists here!

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Our First Brand Film by Director Olivier Venturini is Almost Ready to Premiere



Yesterday The Fableists headed to Jungle Studios, in Soho, to record a voice over for our first brand film. This film will be released very soon, so follow our blog, or our Facebook and twitter accounts to be among the first to see it.

The film was directed by Olivier Venturini of global production company Great Guns. You can find out about the shoot here and read Olivier’s answers about the film project here.

Venturini’s idea is to create a series of films about kids who have a passion or talent for something – The Fableists. This first film follows 8-year old skateboarder Finn around his London circuit. It’s a beautiful film featuring original music by band Delta Mainline.

1115Our voice over, courtesy of Amelie, was recorded by sound engineer Culum Simpson, with direction from Brothers and Sisters creative Jack Kerruish and producer Phoebe Rixon. Jack and Phoebe then went on to Electric Theatre to oversee the grading.

We can’t wait to share this short film with you – the first of the series. So keep your eyes peeled for posts about it.

A huge thank you to everyone involved.
The Fableists


The Story of our Denim

Classic Straight Cut Denim Jeans

Classic Straight Cut Denim Jeans

There isn’t an exact equation that generically calculates the sustainability of an item. A rough definition says that a sustainable business operates on a triple bottom line, with profit, ethics and environmental considerations all sharing equal importance.

At The Fableists, we also think that how an item will be used and discarded are a really important factor in its sustainability. That’s why we aim to make most of our clothes so that they can be worn by both boys and girls, year round, and they won’t go out of style. They are made to be worn a lot and to be passed on. When there is no life left in them, we will take them back and make something new out of them.

Buying denim that is made as sustainably as possible is a great place to start when thinking about sustainable fashion. First of all, pretty much everyone wears denim. Jeans are so versatile and so well-loved. But mass produced jeans have a sizeable environmental footprint. It has been calculated that the amount of water used to make just one pair of basic jeans is 42 litres. Some experts calculate the amount to be much higher and Levi Strauss & Co.’s research shows that the average pair of jeans will consume about 4,000 litres of water in its lifetime. This numbers covers the cotton growing all the way through the washing.

Missy wears Classic Jeans and the Western Shirt

Missy wears Classic Jeans and the Western Shirt

It’s no secret that cotton requires huge amounts of water to grow. That is why we choose to get our cotton from farmers who work in monsoon-fed regions of India, where tonnes of rainwater is harvested to water the crops.

Another factor that makes jeans not quite so cool, is the huge amounts of toxic chemicals used to grow non-organic cotton but also to dye the fabric. Once the denim has been dyed, a lot of fast fashion brands then subject it to a series of toxic chemical baths in order to achieve the desired finish or rinse on the jeans. Chemicals used to produce artificial finish on denim include chemicals such as cadmium, lead, copper and mercury. To achieve a worn look, sandblasting is often use, which can cause tuberculosis or silicosis in workers. ‘Stone washed’ jeans are weathered using volcanic pumice stones, which break down and the pumice dust can enter the local water supply.

At The Fableists, our jeans are thick so that they’ll last and don’t need repeated washings. They are dark because they haven’t been treated by toxic chemicals. They have neat stitching and no fake wear marks. We’re sure your kids will be terrific at putting those wear marks in themselves.

Apache is wearing the Classic Jeans with Baseball Shirt and Veja shoes

Apache is wearing the Classic Jeans with Baseball Shirt and Veja shoes

The Fableists’ denim is made just for us. The cotton is certified organic by GOTS, so it is not grown with loads of poisonous insecticides. We work with a collective of small holding or marginal farmers who, by working together, have been able to negotiate fair prices for their crops, making farming sustainable in their region. The collective have also educated the individual farmers on water wastage, storage and efficient organic farming methods. The factories we use also employ a closed loop system for their dying so that dye won’t seep in to the surrounding ecosystem. Our factories use a reverse osmosis system to purify the water so that it can be re-used. The majority of the process water is recycled. Our dye house also uses rice husk, a waste product from the processing of rice, to generate steam. They do not burn fossil fuels.

The Fableists recommends reducing the amount you wash your denim items. This can be tricky with kids but stains and marks can often be spot cleaned with a cloth and some soapy water. If odours develop, try putting jeans in the freezer, which kills the bacteria that cause the odour, or hang them in the bathroom while you have a shower. The steam will take out wrinkles and odours.

Obviously, kids can be tough on their clothes and when they’ve been crawling through mud and grime, there is nothing to be done but put them in the washer. When the clothes have reached their limits, then be sure to wash in cold water and hang dry.

If a hole develops in the jeans, they can be patched, or cut down in to shorts. Don’t just throw them away! Send them back to us and we’ll give you a discount off your next purchase.

We know you’ll love our jeans. They are cut extra-long to leave room for your little punk to grow in to them. They look just as great with a big turn up! They look cool on girls and boys and are adorable on the littler ones. They also feature an elasticated inner belt on the waist to cinch up and let out as required.LR0036_SR_Fableist_SEPT2013_0813_TheFableists_0280

Meet our Designer: Kate Williams

Kate Williams, Designer at The Fableists

Kate Williams, Designer at The Fableists

I’m Kate. I became a Fableist after meeting Matt and hearing the brand’s journey and intentions first hand! After some years of working in the fashion industry, surrounded by fast fashion and seasonal trends, I found the concept refreshing. We share the same vision that clothes should be bought and made to last.

I am a multi product garment designer with a specialty in men’s and children’s design. Over the past few years my personal buying habits have changed. I’ve moved away from really on trend garments and prints and become drawn to cool, classic pieces that are well made and have the potential to become long serving additions to my wardrobe. I have garments that I saved up for that I love and that make me feel good every time I wear them. Now, getting involved with the Fableists, I not only ask myself, ‘Do I love this garment?Is it good quality? Will it last?’ but also, ‘Is this a responsible brand? Should I buy it?’

While The Fableists brand is built on sustainability, the look is equally important – something that really drew me to the concept. Influenced by a love of utilitarian work wear and vintage garments, combined with directional graphic design, this is a look that I’m really passionate about and that you can buy knowing we have considered sustainability right from initial concept. It’s a group effort and I’m looking forward to our future collaborations!