The Fableists Store Closing Down Sale – Now On

store closing down

We are closing our Coggeshall, Essex store.

Please take advantage of the sale prices to see for yourself the quality of the organic fabrics that we have used. Buying well made clothes for your children does not have to cost you or the Earth and we set out to prove that! We use suppliers who pay a fair wage and provide healthy and safe working environments across their entire supply chain.

You do not have to sacrifice style in order to buy well. If you look beyond the big, high street brands, you will find a wealth of independent designers who are creating trendy, wearable and beautiful ethical fashions.

Please come and have a browse through our online shop for stylish and adventurous boys and girls.


Finn’s Western Shirt – One Year Later

Finn's western shirt 1

So, you know how we’re always banging on about how well made our clothes are? How they’re made tough and built to last? Ready for any action your children can throw their way?

Last week we received the photo above; our Western Shirt – one year on. As you can see, it looks slightly different to the original (below)


It’s faded and has a few tears but it still looks awesome!

This well-worn shirt is the one that was given to skateboarding prodigy Finn, who appeared in our brand film.

It has been put through some serious wear and has come out looking great. It’s still one of his favourites, so we’ve sent him a new one. We’re looking forward to seeing what he does with the next one!

Order one here and let us know what you get up to in yours!

Muka Kids Includes The Fableists in their ‘LOVE’ List!


What is muka kids?

muka kids is a social enterprise, whose mission is to empower those who make AND those who wear ethical clothing (and those who want to wear it!), to end the harm done to people and the environment by the clothing industry.

They have four goals:

  1. Make it really easy for everyone buy ethical and sustainable clothing.
  2. Empower women cotton farmers in India with the means to escape poverty and improve their position in their community, by providing them with small loans (microloans) to start and expand their own small businesses (learn more about the woman).
  3. Improve the sustainability (reduce the environmental footprint) created by unsustainable manufacture and limited/single use approach to clothing.
  4. Empower clothing makers to grow their ethical and sustainable products (clothing lines and business practices).

Part of their plan is to sell used ethically accredited children’s clothing.

about muka

They recently published a list of clothing companies they love, who are working in line with their goals and The Fableists made the cut! See the full article here.

The Fableists are now in stock at Molmoos in Singapore!

molmoosMolmoos is a stylish online retailer for babies and small children. It was started by three good friends who referred to their gaggle of collective children as the ‘Little Moos’. They knew they wanted to provide safe, stylish clothes and lifestyle items for the Moos; stuff that would also not damage the environment. After struggling to find shops selling the kind of wares that met their criteria, they decided to launch a shop of their own.

The Molmoos web site is divided in to ‘Wear’, ‘Play’, ‘Eat’ and ‘Decorate’ and features beautifully crafted, design-led, practical products – all with a sustainable angle. The Fableists are thrilled and honoured to have made the cut!

Molmoos is Sinapore-based but will also ship internationally, so all you Fableists fans in Asia-Pacific do check them out!

Grab one of the Last Few ‘Chore Coats’!

Some of the sizes have sold out and we only have a handful left in the others, so grab one of these beautiful items before they go! We’ve reduced them from £35 to £15 – so they won’t last long.

Find it in our web store here.

The Chore Coat is ethically produced in organic cotton. It is based on vintage workwear and prison uniforms. It’s got lots of tough pockets for collecting stones and shells and it’s built for action but very sharp!

With spring around the corner, the Chore Coat will soon be an indispensible bit of clobber for your Fableist.

Sizing is generous. My 6 year old daughter is still in her 4-5 and my tall 7 year old is in a 6-7! So please consult the measurements of the item below.


The Fableists – Now Accepting Paypal Online

web site screen grab

The Fableists can now accept PayPal payments on our website, making it so much easier for you to shop with us. Getting up to get your credit/debit card is so 2014.

Right now is a great chance to use this new feature, as we also have 50% off our entire collection until January 31st. Come and check us out at

Make Art Not War

make art

The Fableists’ ‘Make Art Not War’ t-shirt, designed by Anthony Peters has an important message for children that is more timely now that ever. Three soldiers, in a classic stance, which echoes the monument to peacekeeping in Ottawa, Canada are armed with artists’ tools.

This is one of our most popular t-shirts – as chosen by the kids themselves – and we now have just a few left in size 3-4. Size 9-10 is also running low. You can find it at our web shop. 

make art insta

I Have a Clear Idea of What I Don’t Want my Clothes to Say About Me

I have just read a commentary by Dhana Inc. founder Shamini Dhana featured on Triple Pundit entitled ‘Wear What You Stand For: Uniting Humanity Through Fashion’.

The Fableists believe that Dhana is absolutely right to be promoting a more conscious approach to fashion. It’s time we all listen and take notice of what the sustainable fashion movement has been banging on about for decades. But how can we get people to change? Appealing to hearts and minds is winning over consumers by the thousands but it’s not enough. We need millions to pay attention in order to see change in the way that clothes are made, bought, consumed and disposed of.

Dhana’s line, “an unconscious judgment call is made, a perception created at some level, within the first 40 seconds of physically meeting someone new” really strikes to the heart of the matter. We need to start to appeal to the vanity of the masses.

I’m not entirely sure what I want my clothes to say about me, but I am pretty clear on some of the superficial things I don’t want my clothes to say about me: cheap, fake, and common are just a few that spring to mind. Those are things that I would not want said about me on a deeper level either, by the way. Yet, the vast majority of clothes that are bought on this planet say these three very things about the buyer.

Cheap: The companies that produce most clothes make them as cheaply as they possibly can. This means cutting corners at every turn; quality, employment practices, safety standards, ecological considerations, waste disposal and contents are just a few examples of ways that companies can cut costs.

Fake: Often, designer items are copied and sold for a fraction of the price. While many can argue that so-called ‘designer’ items are overpriced, that is often because they pay the craftspeople they employ fairly, with benefits and living wages. They also produce limited edition quantities of items, making them more valuable. Producers of ‘knock off’ items are exploiting our desire for name-branded, designer items and using sweatshop labour in order to produce imitation items that are low quality. Is the badge really that important?

Common: In order to keep prices low, fashion companies produce endless quantities of the same item and sell them all over the world. On any given day, you can be certain that somewhere, several thousand people are wearing the exact same top as you are. No two people are the same. We are like 7 million unique and magnificent snowflakes. Why do we all strive to be the same?

I don’tknow why anyone would want their clothes to give the impression they they are cheap, fake or common. We need to go out of our way to choose quality, authenticity and originality. Wouldn’t you rather leave that impression on everyone you meet? You only have 40 seconds.




50% Off The Fableists’ Entire Collection


No special codes and it’s not top secret; you can shout it from the rooftops – our entire collection is 50% off. Just visit or come in to our store in Coggeshall, Essex and everything is half price. Just in time for Christmas!