We are a design-led company creating children’s clothes that are utilitarian with a nod to vintage clothing and work wear. Our clothes are sustainably made with organic materials. The collection provides quality basics with punk rock flair. Each item is imbued with a rebellious ‘dare to think different’ attitude and they look sharp, wear well and are play-friendly. They will stand the test of time, not the whims of fashion. Our clothes are versatile, mainly unisex and designed to wear year round. We think kids should look like kids and we have kept in mind a parent’s need for simplicity and durability.

The Fableists’ story is a tale beautiful kids’ clothes, underpinned by sustainability with plenty of rock n’ roll attitude. With our clothes you get the whole story, from who grew the organic cotton they’re made from, to how the items arrived at your door. We’re building a sustainable fashion brand whose clothes do not damage the environment and which everyone is fairly paid and treated to produce. We want to educate buyers as to the whole life cycle of a garment and how to care for their items to make them last longer, so that they can be passed on to other kids and eventually biodegrade.

Sizes from 4 to 10 years. Check out our web shop:


Play Hard. Live Forever.

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Blogging by Sarah Cooper


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