Father’s Day Gift Guide

TIESWhen I was a child, I remember buying my father a tie for Father’s Day – an actual tie! With the world a more casual place, many fathers have little opportunity to wear ties, making this go-to gift option of the 70s obsolete. So what to get for good old dad? Here are a few last minute options that will show you’ve put some thought in to your choice!

Organic wine
Organic wine is made from grapes which are grown under organic farming conditions, which excludes the use of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and fertilisers. The details for organic certification vary from country to country. The chemicals used in much commercial farming contain toxins that will find their way in to the wine. Not only can these be unhealthy to ingest, they can also affect the taste of the wine and mask the unique earthy textures and flavours that each individual region can impart to its local grapes. Organic wine is generally produced in smaller batches and as such makes a unique and prized gift. Some adherents also argue that drinking organic wine will give you less of a headache. Drinking less wine will also help with that!


Organic wine is available from many local farm shops and fruit and veg box delivery schemes. Even supermarkets stock organic wine now. Organic Wine Pure, from Germany, have been doing mail order of organic wines since 1983. Sedlescombe Biodynamic Wines of England, in East Sussex offer vineyard tours and gift packages which include their own organic wines as well as organic fruit liqueurs and juices.

Bamboo Socks and Pants
Father’s day traditional gift = socks and pants. If you’re going to go this route, then why not go for the best? The growth cycle of bamboo is totally sustainable. The plants thrive with no chemical pesticides and, as anyone who has planted it in their garden can tell you – it grows and spreads like wildfire. It can grow in limited soil and on slopes and can sustain itself on rainfall alone, so there is no need for watering. It is also totally biodegradable. On top of all of this, bamboo is also soft, pliable, naturally moisture wicking, breathable, anti-bacterial and protects the skin from UV rays (just what dad needs in a pair of pants!). BAM bamboo clothing offers basics like the socks and pants we seek, as well as fitness clothes and every day essentials like t-shirts.


Organic skincare
I’ve often wondered whether there was any difference between skin care for men and women, or whether it was just a case of packaging. For father’s day, you want dad to feel ‘manly’ – whatever that might mean for your dad, so spring for some special products made just for him. Organic Homme products fit the bill nicely, with their sleek black packaging. They use organic ingredients that are also fairly traded and they offer ten ‘power-packed- products ranging from shampoo, to deodorant, to face scrub and even anti-aging formulas. You can buy their products from the amazing Green People, which stock a billion things you might need and even on Amazon. Neal’s Yard Remedies also have a range specifically for men, including their brilliant ‘Shave Oil’, which moisturises skin and hair while shaving. It’s a really lovely product.


Beer & Dad? Often a safe bet. For something different, try signing dad up for a beer club. This will ensure he has loads of new and exciting beers to try out. With Beer Hawk, who are ‘Hunting Out The World’s Best Beers’, you get 15 new beers with each delivery, based on your personal preferences. You can choose one delivery for £40, or choose a few to arrive throughout the year. They have a good selection of international organic beers. There are small organic brewers all over the world, so dad might appreciate beer from his most local organic brewer.


BBQ Time
Put together a BBQ kit for dad using more sustainable products such as BioRegional charcoal (available at Sainsburys and Homebase). This is made of British lumpwood from sustainable sources. Natural firelighters made from wood and vegetable oils, along with rolled up newspaper, can be used to light the BBQ.


For the Gadget Lover
Try this solar charger from Nigel’s Eco Store . It comes with a selection of 9 connector tips, so that you can charge any number of gadgets. Never be without a charge – even when you’re supposed to be off-grid!


Membership has its Priviledges
If Dad likes going out and exploring, then consider membership to a local natural area, heritage or historic preservation organisation or wildiife or natural habitat protection agency. Many of these groups and organisations have local park areas, monuments, historic buildings, natural landscapes to explore. Now you just have to pick which one to sign him up to! This will provide great fun for the whole family and get everyone out.

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