A Sea of Cardboard Boxes as Far as the Eye Can See

At first glance, this might not look like a particularly exciting building:

The Warehouse

The Warehouse

But step inside and it’s a cavernous treasure trove of products waiting to be shipped to online shoppers all over the world. This, people, is The Fableists’ warehouse. Trust me, it was a very exciting visit this morning, because I was going to see these:

Boxes and more boxes

Boxes and more boxes

Still not convinced? Well, my fashion-forward high-vis vest and I (along with the help of Gary and his utility knife) opened these babies up to reveal:

The Fableists' First Box of T-Shirts

The Fableists’ First Box of T-Shirts

Ta dah! They’re here: Our entire first collection of artist-designed t-shirts – the first ‘Lucky 13’ as they’ve come to be known at HQ. Here are but a few of them, ready to be sent to new owners. Don’t you just want to take one home? The six tees pictured below will be heading to Mali tomorrow with Andy and Lu of Brothers and Sisters – they will tell us all about their trip when they get back.warehouse We’ll tell you more about the warehouse and how these t-shirts make it from these cardboard boxes to you.

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