#TheFableists Hall of Fame. Check out our Growing Tribe

Every kid who wears our clothes is one of The Fableists. They are part of a movement to break the cycle of kids making clothes for kids; of poisoning the Earth so that we can have more. They will grow up wiser than their parents and buy less to wear more. They will care for their clothes and pass them on to someone else when they are finished with them. They don’t bow down to the latest fashion trends.

They are powerful and free. They are amazing. They are themselves.

Play hard. Live forever.

Send your images to sarah@thefableists and we’ll post them here and in our FB Wall of Fableists.

The Fableists are in Today’s Edition of The Metro!

Page 41 of the December 17th 2013 Edition of The Metro UK

Page 41 of the December 17th 2013 Edition of The Metro UK

Won’t it be cool when you are able to say, ‘I used to follow them when…’?

The Fableists are making our mark. Today our story features in the ‘Behind the Idea’ section of The Metro – a paper read by the majority of London’s commuters (page 41). This weekly feature takes a look at pioneering ideas to come out of the advertising and creative industries.

The Fableists is truly a creative collaboration, and a partnership between:

Brothers and Sisters
The Mill

And involving the following companies:
Great Guns
Rare Bird London
Jelly London
YCN London
George Grace Represents

and Artists:
Gregori Saavedra
Anthony Peters
Sami Viljanto
Crispin Finn
Steve Scott
Michael Arnold

Director Olivier Venturini

The photographic stylings of Sam Robinson

and many more!

Our T-Shirts Numbered 1 Through 5 Have Shipped Out!

t-shirts in bags 3

You may recall that last week we ran our first competition on Facebook. Five winners were selected to receive a pack of our first collection of THIRTEEN artist-designed t-shirts. Wow! That is a lot of t-shirts, people. Interestingly, a full pack of size 5-6 t-shirts weighs over 100g more than a full pack of 3-4 shirts. Not interesting, you say? Probably not but check back tomorrow to read the story about our days spent at the warehouse and you’ll understand how well acquainted we are with these t-shirts and their exact weights!

It was sad to see the tees go but we know they’ve gone to good homes:

1 – The Cool Heads, Amsterdam
2 – Danny Dryden, London, UK
3 – Kelsey Blackwell, Toronto, Canada
4 – Emma J. Lowe, Nottinghamshire, UK
5 – Joshua Griffiths, New York, USA

And their packages should be well on their way to them by now:packages for winners

We can’t wait to hear what they think about their numbered print tees! For the rest of you, there will be more chances to win our fab tees next week for #FableistsFortnight when we launch. Keep you eyes on our twitter and Facebook feeds and bag yourself a free t-shirt!t-shirts in bags