Happy Birthday to Us!! Come celebrate!


It has been one year since we launched The Fableists web shop! Yay!

To celebrate, we’re having a one day, pre-Christmas, 30% off sale.

Visit our web shop at www.TheFableists.com and use code birthday in your shopping bag to take 30% off (we are currently offering free UK shipping too!). Or come in to our store in Essex on Thursday October 30th and we’ll give you 30% off anything you buy.

Happy Birthday!

Sale starts now and ends Thursday October 30th at 11:59 pm UK time!

The Fableists





The Fableists in Little Flea Magazine

liuttle fleaLittle Flea features “Beautiful Things for Little People” and it launched online at the end of August. It’s a great place to find fashion, toys, gifts, decor & travel ideas for children. In addition to their web site, owner Anna Cascarina has launched a digital publication, which you can view here. 

Little flea cover

The Fableists clothes were included in so many wonderful shots, that we wanted to share them with you. You can buy all items on our web site at www.TheFableists.com.

All photos courtesy of Little Flea.

Have a look and don’t forget to check out the magazine!

Baseball tee and dark denim jeans

Baseball tee and dark denim jeans

Denim Skirt

Denim Skirt

Smock Dress

Smock Dress

Jeans and Chore Coat

Jeans and Chore Coat

Chore Coat

Chore Coat

T-Shirts, including Make Art Not War

T-Shirts, including Make Art Not War

...and a close up!

…and a close up!

Make Art Not War tee

Make Art Not War tee

Recycle tee

Recycle tee

Graphic Design Feature featuring our Happy Factory tee

Graphic Design Feature featuring our Happy Factory tee

...and a close up!

…and a close up!

Denim Skirt, Jeans and Western shirt

Denim Skirt and Breton, Jeans and Western shirt

Happy Factory Tee (left)

Happy Factory Tee (left)



The Fableists Children’s Store is Now Open

Well, Fableists, we finally have our own little shop.

fab shop 1


The Fableists Store opened in Coggeshall, Essex on Saturday and we had a brilliant day welcoming the locals and visitors alike.

Fab shop 2

It’s a great chance to see and feel the clothes in person. The organic cotton is so much softer and the feedback on the clothes was brilliant.

fab shop 7


If you are in the area, please do come and and see us. We’d love to tell you our story and show you the clothes in person.

fab shop 6

We are located at 5a Church Street, Coggeshall, Essex CO6 1UF.

Opening Hours:
Tuesday 9:30-5:00
Wednesday 9:30-3:00
Thursday 9:30-5:00
Friday 9:30-5:00
Saturday 9:30-5:00
Sunday 10:00-4:00 from Sunday October 19th to Christmas

Hope to see you soon!

shop front 2


‘The Fableists’ Unveil Animation Narrated by Jennifer Saunders

The Fableists’ ‘The Epic Thread’ takes us on a journey. Our young heroine finds a thread on her t-shirt. Curious to discover where, how and by whom her t-shirt was made, she sets off – with her trusty best friend – on a quest to find out the whole story of the garment. Like the protagonist in our film, we were curious about the provenance of the clothes that we were buying for our children. Our research into the fashion and garment industry turned us off buying from big, fast fashion brands and we decided to launch our own collection of sustainably made children’s clothes – The Fableists.

We make sure that there is no child or slave labour used to make The Fableists clothes. Our factories have attained ethical and eco accreditation and we have visited and inspected them ourselves. The cotton we use is certified organic and grown by a collective of marginal farmers. We use natural dyes and take steps to reduce our carbon footprint. If you buy clothes from The Fableists, you can know that they do not contain any harmful chemicals and that you are helping to break the cycle of kids making clothes for other kids.

Follow the story at www.TheFableists.com.

Creative Agency: Brothers and Sisters
Creatives: Jack Kerruish & Josh Pearce, Brothers and Sisters
Production Company: The Mill
Animation/Director: Kwok Fung Lam & Ivo Sousa, The Mill
Sound: Smith & Elms, Eclectic
Voice Over: Jennifer Saunders

The official press release is below:

Epic Thread

Sustainable kids clothing company, The Fableists, unveil the 2nd film in their series, which is to be seeded and distributed online. ‘The Epic Thread’ is a collaboration between creative agency Brothers and Sisters, The Mill and Eclectic with a voiceover from highly acclaimed comedian Jennifer Saunders.

The thought provoking animation features a fearless young girl and her pet pug Tony, who follow a piece of thread on the girl’s t-shirt. The thread takes them on an adventure through the life of the clothing, starting from her bedroom and ending up at the very farm where the cotton was grown.

Created by Brothers and Sisters, the animation was directed by Kwok Fung Lam and Ivo Sousa from The Mill. The film is accompanied by a unique music track composed by Smith & Elms at Eclectic.

The Epic thread 2

Eclectic’s Simon Elms says “I think that the challenge here was to create something that whilst retaining some sort of child like innocence, also had bags of attitude – a sonic reflection of the visuals.”

The Fableists is one of the only sustainable clothing companies for kids in the UK and was born out of a genuine passion to change the way in which kids clothes are produced. With so many clothes being made under illegal conditions in factories, the film is a call to arms to make us think about where clothes come from.

The brand has a simple mission – to break the cycle of kids making clothes for kids. Their range is fully sustainable, ethical and built to last and their designs are both cool and timeless.

the epic thread 3

‘’This animated spot is created by a melting pot of the UK’s foremost talent. It’s a great fantasy piece that takes us back to those fantastic books we read as kids and now read to our kids. Brothers and Sisters working with The Mill and Eclectic have delivered something totally original, that tells the story of the clothes, whilst creating a great young heroine” Matt Cooper, founder of The Fableists.

Andy Fowler, Founder and ECD of Brothers and Sisters adds “A director whose opinion I respect watched this film lately and said he thought it was the best combination of music and picture he’d seen for ages. I’ll take that. It’s not often you get to make something this pure and uncompromised. It’s been a privilege working with artists as talented as Ivo and Kwok and Simon and Colin at Eclectic.”

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 10.13.53[8]

Kwok Fung Lam and Ivo Sousa, Mill+ Animation Directors add that “This was a one of a kind project, which we all really enjoyed being a part of, and we are incredibly proud of the final result. This project offered a fantastic level of creative freedom, and it was a pleasure to work with The Fableists founders and Brothers and Sisters to create such a fun and memorable film. We gathered as much inspirational material as possible, from character look and graphical compositions, to colour and texture. This was followed by a real hands on approach creating character designs, mood boards, style frames, storyboards and animatics, all contributing to the final look and feel, which perfectly accompanies the narrative.”

Fabelists still_014

The Fableists: utilitarian-cool sustainable clothing for kids aged 4 to 10 years. Last year celebrated the launch of a visionary new label born from British talent, including leading artists, designers, production companies, an ad agency and an entrepreneur’s dream. Creative agency Brothers and Sisters, the multiple award winning global production company Great Guns, Oscar winning The Mill, D&AD nominated director Olivier Venturini and international gallery favourite photographer Sam Robinson have collaborated on creative projects for The Fableists. Plus respected artists and designers including Michael Arnold, Steve Scott, Crispin Finn and Greg Abbott were invited to design t-shirts for the collection. The new children’s brand is a mix of timeless, unisex and ultra-stylish clothes, built to last with solid ethical roots all made for a new generation of clued up consumers who want to buy differently. The label represents a move away from mass-produced fashion manufactured under sinister conditions and laden with chemicals.

Fabelists still_003

Andy Fowler, Founder and ECD of Brothers and Sisters: “Making a change in the way consumers shop and perceive clothes in terms of buying, using and disposing of them, will make a huge difference to family health, the lives of others, the planet and will help to create a positive movement. But we are also adamant that our clothes look the business. The creative potential is huge.”

“Like so many people, we were concerned with the growing throw-away fashion trend that led to such tragedies as the Rana Plaza collapse last spring,” says The Fableists founder and entrepreneur Matt Cooper. “When we searched for great looking clothes whose provenance we could trace for our own kids, we couldn’t find what we were after. We created The Fableists to meet our own needs and those of our friends and colleagues in the creative industries.”
Fabelists still_013

The Fableists’ Film ‘Finn’ Selected for the London Fashion Film Festival

FB_BrandFilm_Still_004The Fableists’ first film, ‘Finn’, directed by Olivier Venturini through Great Guns has been selected to appear at the London Fashion Film Festival.

View ‘Finn’ here:

The London Fashion Film Festival is – in their own words – dedicated to celebrating the combined arts of film and fashion in one of the most important centres of fashion in the world, London. The Festival provides the opportunity to take a look at the subject in a variety of ways from documentaries, films about fashion, fashion shorts and films which have been influenced by fashion as well as films which have had an impact on the fashion industry itself.

The Festival was set up in 2013 by professionals from within the film and fashion industries to provide an opportunity to bring together the best and brightest of both industries to showcase creative talent, both locally and overseas. Working with up and coming filmmakers and artists as well as industry professionals, this in an opportunity to enjoy and celebrate fashion in film and get together with likeminded individuals for a fantastic programme of events.

london fashion film fest

Each year the London Fashion Film Festival host a variety of screenings centred on the subject of fashion and film, giving Londoners, film and fashion enthusiasts the chance to watch a number of iconic movies in the heart of the capital. As well as the main Festival, there will be a number of warm up events leading up to the Festival and the opportunity to take part in master classes and discussions with some of the industry’s most well-known names and faces.

‘Finn’ will be shown some time between 1.00 pm and 5-45 pm on Wednesday 16th September. The full programme of films is available at the London Fashion Film Festival website. Please note, our film is listed as ‘Kids Don’t Belong in Factories’ in the running order.

The venue is The Aubin Cinema, 64 to 66 Redchurch Street, Shoreditch, London, E2 7DP
If you are interested in booking tickets, please visit www.lfff.co.uk

The Fableists’ First Shop


The shop front


Grand opening Saturday 20th September 2014
10am to 5pm
Yes, there will be cake!

5a Church Street
Coggeshall, Essex
01376 564 117


Daf doing a spot of painting

Daf doing a spot of painting

We’ll post the progress as we go.

A coat of white paint

A coat of white paint

Can’t wait to open our doors so that you can all come and see and feel the clothes in person.

Some pieces of furniture to be upcycled into something fabulous

Some pieces of old furniture to be upcycled into something fabulous

An antique piece or two

An antique piece or two

How to Care for Your Clothes from The Fableists

30degreelaundrysymbolThe more you wash cloth, the shorter the life cycle of the item will be. The United Nations Environment programme found that if you wear your jeans at least three times before washing them, wash in cold water and hang dry without ironing you consume five times less energy. We encourage you to wipe away dirt and grime as a first resort. If washing is necessary, The Fableists clothes are made to survive a 30° C wash but please wash on the coldest setting you feel comfortable with, with a minimal amount of detergent on as gentle a cycle as possible and hang dry to save the clothes, your electricity bill and the planet. We recommend eco-friendly detergents, which have minimal aquatic toxicity and will biodegrade quickly and completely.

If you are concerned about bacteria that might survive a cold water wash, try a naturally antibacterial essential oil such as tea tree oil, peppermint, oregano, lavender, lemon, thyme or eucalyptus. This will not kill 100% of bacteria but will be very effective and will also give your washing a lovely, fresh scent. Hydrogen peroxide is a naturally occurring chemical and it is very effective at killing bacteria. It is safe on skin but does have a bleaching effect and should be used carefully. A top all round disinfecting product is plain old white vinegar. It will remove bacteria and stains and it also removes the build-up of soap scum and softens the water, leaving your washing soft and fluffy. All anti-bacterial products should be used in moderation so that they will remain effective.

We understand that you might need to use your tumble dryer – but do so wisely. Try to shorten the time of your load. Taking clothes out slightly damp and folding them immediately will reduce the need to iron (always a bonus!). You can also hang your load and then put it through the dryer on a quick cycle to soften them. Avoid dryer sheets, which are full of chemicals and break down organic fibres, which will shorten the life span of your clothes.

And now for the best news: Limit your ironing. This will preserve your sanity but ironing also uses energy (not just yours!) and deteriorates fabric. Obviously, some of your clothes require ironing but make the time to take your line-dried clothes down while still slightly damp, fold them promptly along the creases and pile them up. The folding and the weight will remove wrinkles.

See What the Press Have Been Saying About The Fableists

sunday times kate cover


The Fableists have enjoyed some high profile press coverage, since our launch. And there is much more to come very soon! Click on the links before to see what the press have been saying about our beautiful sustainably made clothes for kids. If you know of any other places where The Fableists have been featured, please email them to us at info@thefableists.com.

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Meet Dafydd Upsdell – One of The Fableists

Dafydd Upsdell, One of The Fableists

Dafydd Upsdell, One of The Fableists

My name is Daf and it’s my turn to say hello and tell you a little bit about myself.

I began my career in the media industry way back in 2000 when I started working as a runner at The Mill post production house in London. Since then, I’ve worked for numerous companies and, over time, have made amazing contacts and lifelong friendships and to this day still can’t believe some of the things I have been lucky enough to be a part of and somehow still call work.

My involvement with The Fableists began down the pub whilst enjoying a pint – on this occasion with the one and only Matt Cooper. I can honestly say the job I had at the time was not very fulfilling and I was just going through the motions of getting up and going to work and not really thinking about what I really wanted to to do with my life going forward. I had always dived in and out of setting up small companies in an effort to make some money on the side but nothing really had ever taken off and (once again) I found myself sitting in the sunshine with Matt introducing him to yet another one of my “Derrick Trotter” business-type ideas. When I had finished (and after the signature Matt Cooper laugh), he took a deep breath, bought me another pint and said he wanted to tell me about something he had been putting together with Sarah, his wife – something they both thought was really going to make a difference.

Over the course of the next 30 minutes, Matt explained to me his ideas, the concept of The Fableists, the clothes they had designed and, more importantly, what he wanted the company to represent. As I listened to Matt (and got two more pints) I was blown away by how much work and time he had put into the idea and I couldn’t help but get caught up in his excitement and it was there and then I pretty much said that I wanted to be a part of The Fableists and get involved in the story.

So, as the months passed and as the Fableists grew, the more I personally got to understand the importance of what it meant to be an ethical and sustainable business and how important it was for us to position ourselves in this way. On a personal leveI I learnt about what it was to try and live within the sustainable boundaries of buying items such as clothes and food and as time has gone on I’ve realised it’s a very simple and fulfilling process to go through. Yes, I was fortunate to have Matt and Sarah point me in the right direction of where to buy clothes, for example, and why some companies were better than others but now I feel that if someone were to ask me how they would go about being sustainable, I think I am in a pretty good position to help them out through what I have learnt.

You see, that’s why I became a Fableist! If I can help someone understand and embrace sustainability in their life and they, in turn, pass this information onto others, then think of the potential as the story grows from person to person.

The simple truth of the matter is that we, The Fableists, are a company who strive to make amazing kids clothes that are bought because people think our clothes are cool, look amazing and built to last. The fact that we are embracing sustainability at the same time is our way of showing that all of this can be done whilst maintaing the highest possible environmental, social and ethical standards.

I love being a Fableist and I think you will too.


Are You Interested in Stocking The Fableists in Your Shop?

wear me out

We have a couple of stockists at the moment and we’ll be letting you know all about them as they’ll soon feature on our blog!

We love to tell our story and show the clothes off. We know that they speak for themselves when seen in person. Not only do the clothes look great, they are well made – sustainably. That means that ethical production and care for the environment are just as important to us as profit is.

The Fableists Denim Jeans

Our goal is to change the way that people buy, care for and dispose of their clothes. We don’t want you to put your kids in clothes that still contain harmful toxic chemicals and we don’t want to sell you clothes that are made by children, or anyone who isn’t paid and treated fairly.

Big companies that mass produce clothing for a pittance simply are not taking the environment, or the workers they hire in to consideration. They are completely motivated by profit and by buying their clothes, you are contributing to a global problem. These same corporations have had to adapt ‘sustainability policies’ and are required to change the way they make their clothes in order to adhere to new legislation. They have been given deadlines for this but we don’t understand why it takes a decade to start doing business in an ethical way.

Missy is in the Classic Jeans and Western Shirt

Missy is in the Classic Jeans and Western Shirt

It’s simple: We want The Fableists to grow up with an awareness of where their clothes come from. We want them to learn to make the right choices early. We want them to be comfortable in their clothes and play hard in them. We don’t want harmful chemicals in their clothes that could contribute to asthma or eczema.

Do you share our passion for style and sustainability? Would you like to offer your customers some great looking children’s clothes that you can have no qualms about selling? If you are interested in stocking our clothes, please do get in touch with Sarah Cooper at sarah@thefableists.com.

The Fableists

The Gang of Fableists

The Gang of Fableists