The Clothing Passports

justin passportsEvery item of clothing we produce comes with its own ‘passport’. This isn’t to help it cross international borders but rather to record who has owned it.

We’ve told you a bit about the passports before. They are made of recycled post-consumer paper, mixed with rhinoceros dung. They have a lovely, rough texture and we promise they do not smell of poo!justing passports 2As our t-shirts are all limited edition printings, they are issued a print number from 1 to 500. For our first run of t-shirt, the team at The Fableists have hand written the name of the artist and the print number on each passport. Talk about a personal touch! passport openInside is space to record the owners of the items, so that you can trace where the clothes have been. We can’t wait to see these filled in over time and hope they’ll come back to us with the clothes when they are finished with.

The passports are packed in with the clothes, for you to keep.tshirts in bags 2

What do Rhino Poo, Passports and The Fableists Have in Common?

We might have to start at the beginning with this one…

The passports

The passports

Each item of clothing from The Fableists comes with its own ‘passport’. It’s not government issued, doesn’t scan at customs and doesn’t need to be renewed every few years but we think it’s still pretty important.

In the case of our t-shirts, the passport will be numbered as each print is only used on 500 t-shirts. So, like all great art, your tee from The Fableists will have it’s own print number out of 500. For all of our clothes, there is a space to record the names of its owners. So, as you pass the clothes on to family and friends, or sell them, this ‘passport’ will be a record of where the clothes have been – like stamps in a passport.


Stacks of rhino dung paper for printing

Our passports are being printed by Seacourt, the ‘first closed loop, Zero Waste printing company in the world’. They have won an absolute stack of awards over their years for their commitment to green printing and have been recognised as ‘one of the top three leading environmental printers in the world’ by a worldwide printing association. They also have won two Queen’s Award for Sustainable Development. Very impressive stuff and also what all businesses should now be striving towards, right?

A tub of 'green' ink

A tub of ‘green’ ink

Seacourt can provide printing on recycled cards, bamboo, PVC-free banners for outdoor and materials are recyclable or even biodegradable. One of the paper options available to us was rhino poo and they pretty much had us at hello on that one. What child won’t treasure a clothing passport that contains poo of any sort? What adult for that matter? It was too good to pass up. The paper is made from post-consumer waste (i.e. the paper you put in your recycling bins) and mixed with rhino dung. We love it and will be bringing you more about the printing process (and where the poo comes in) in a future post.