The Fableists in The Telegraph Magazine’s ‘Children’s Notebook’

On January 11 2014, The Fableists featured in The Telegraph Magazine. And, frankly, I don’t think we did enough bragging about it!


We were included in Daisy Bridgewater’s “Children’s Notebook”.

The image includes Mimi in the unisex Smock Top and Denim Skirt (foreground) and Missy (background) in our Classic Dark Denim Jeans, ‘Tough But Fair’ t-shirt, designed by Sami Viljanto and the Western Shirt jauntily tossed over her shoulder.

The copy reads:

“Modern Classics: The Fableists is a new company determined to make parents reassess their approach to disposable children’s fashion with a collection of utilitarian, utterly sustainable clothes for children aged 4-10. ‘I did some research into the fashion industry in India,’ the founder Matt Cooper tells me, ‘and it stuck in my throat that kids were making clothes for my kids. I wanted to raise awareness, and break the cycle.’ designed for girls and boys, the clothes are not seasonal and are made to last, and to be passed down through family and friends (sizes are also rather generous). Shown here is the versatile Smock shirt, £30 in hard-wearing, 100 per cent organic cotton chambray (”

Daisy Bridgewater followed up with this tweet:tweet

Photo above by Sam Robinson and shot in Victoria Park, London.

The Fableists are in Today’s Edition of The Metro!

Page 41 of the December 17th 2013 Edition of The Metro UK

Page 41 of the December 17th 2013 Edition of The Metro UK

Won’t it be cool when you are able to say, ‘I used to follow them when…’?

The Fableists are making our mark. Today our story features in the ‘Behind the Idea’ section of The Metro – a paper read by the majority of London’s commuters (page 41). This weekly feature takes a look at pioneering ideas to come out of the advertising and creative industries.

The Fableists is truly a creative collaboration, and a partnership between:

Brothers and Sisters
The Mill

And involving the following companies:
Great Guns
Rare Bird London
Jelly London
YCN London
George Grace Represents

and Artists:
Gregori Saavedra
Anthony Peters
Sami Viljanto
Crispin Finn
Steve Scott
Michael Arnold

Director Olivier Venturini

The photographic stylings of Sam Robinson

and many more!

What the Press Have Been Saying About #TheFableists

We’ve got some very exciting press coverage coming up soon but The Fableists have already been featured in a number of media outlets. Check them out – and don’t be afraid to share!

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