The Chore Coat – Grab one of the Last Few!

The chore coat is ideal for autumn and spring. It’s just warm enough to keep the chill out and cool enough that it doesn’t get taken off and left behind! Great, big side pockets for collecting conkers and other autumnal delights. Superb tailoring makes this jacket look smart. It’s durable and versatile and great on both girls and boys.

There are only a handful of chore coats left! We have a few in each size in both blue and taupe. Grab one here before they’re all gone.

It’s Organic September: Small Changes = Big Difference

organic september pdf

Organic September is a celebration of all things organic, organised by the Soil Association. The month is packed with events and promotions to highlight the importance of buying organic in order to support a greener world.

This year’s theme is Small Changes, Big Difference and the Soil Association is urging the British public to make a small change to organic this September.Consumers are urged to make one small, organic change to their shopping habits this month to add up to big differences to animal welfare, the health of garment workers, and the environment.

What will your small change be?

Sale Held Over – 50% Off Continues for Half Term

Chore coat in blue

Chore coat in blue – only a couple left in each size!

It’s been fun, hasn’t it? We don’t want the fun to end and, frankly, half term is looking like a bit of a wash out! So we’re going to let our sale run through the week.

Enjoy our 50% off sale a little longer – until next Monday . Enter code fableistsfifty in the space provided in your shopping cart and your total will be halved before shipping.

The Fableists clothes are currently shipping from Australia to California and everywhere in between. We can’t wait to see all the photos of your Fableists in our clothes! Please share with your friends and family so they can all take advantage of the sale and buy ethically produced, organic cotton, toxin free and sweatshop free clothes for the little punks in their lives too!

Have fun and bag a massive bargain. Shop now at

Western Shirt, Denim Skirt and Smock Dress

Western Shirt, Denim Skirt and Smock Dress

Sonny is wearing the 'Make Art Not War' Tee by Anthony Peters. Almost sold out in some sizes!

Sonny is wearing the ‘Make Art Not War’ Tee by Anthony Peters. Almost sold out in some sizes!

Welcome to the Dawn of The Fableists’ New Blog

Apache in 'You Are What You Wear' Tee by Gregori Saavedra and the Western Shirt

Apache in ‘You Are What You Wear’ Tee by Gregori Saavedra and the Western Shirt

With the news that we have a launch date established, we will be making some exciting changes to our blog site. The grand opening of our web site on Tuesday October 29th, will mean that the blog will be located within the site as well as at its current location.

Up until now, we have been telling the story of The Fableists. We’ve been sharing photos of the first collection, information about how and where the clothes are made and interviews with many of the people involved in making the clothes and getting our brand out there.

Kunal from Chetna Organic

Kunal Balar from Herbal Fab

We will still bring you stories about The Fableists and give you special sneak peeks at our new collections but will also take a step back and look at what is important to The Fableists. We will share information on sustainability and design but will also bring you great recipes and activities for families. We’ll look at other brands who are making changes in the fashion industry and do interviews with people who are making those changes. Our blog will reflect what our brand is about: design, sustainability, kids and their families and doing great stuff and having adventures!

le touquet

You are The Fableists, so we’d love to hear from you. We welcome comments and suggestions.