Back to School Sale – 50% off at The Fableists

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Our entire collection is 50% off until August 31st with special code SCHOOL. Come and visit our online shop at for beautiful and well-made clothes for children. All of our clothes are built to last and are made from organic cotton in ethically-certified factories.

The Fableists’ clothes are made to take all your children can throw at them. They are perfect for school or play.

Many of the styles and designs are selling out, so hop over to The Fableists quickly to get your hands on your favourite, limited edition designs.

See what the press have been saying about The Fableists here.

‘Not On The High Street’ to Surprise Mum on March 15th (and spot our Breton in the adverts!!)

Not on the High Street has created some television adverts with loads of brilliant ideas for celebrating Mother’s Day this March 15th (in the UK, anyway!). Look closely and you will spot The Fableists gorgeous Breton Top.

In ‘Tasteful Tea Party’, it’s on the little boy who runs in and out of the scene.

And in ‘The Secret Garden’, the gardener herself wears it.

Don’t forget Mother’s Day on March 15th and while you’re at it, pick up one of our Bretons for your Fableists. They are made from organic cotton and ethically and sustainably produced. And they’re unisex to help you to pass on the top when one child has outgrown it!

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50% Off The Fableists’ Entire Collection


No special codes and it’s not top secret; you can shout it from the rooftops – our entire collection is 50% off. Just visit or come in to our store in Coggeshall, Essex and everything is half price. Just in time for Christmas!



It’s Organic September: Small Changes = Big Difference

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Organic September is a celebration of all things organic, organised by the Soil Association. The month is packed with events and promotions to highlight the importance of buying organic in order to support a greener world.

This year’s theme is Small Changes, Big Difference and the Soil Association is urging the British public to make a small change to organic this September.Consumers are urged to make one small, organic change to their shopping habits this month to add up to big differences to animal welfare, the health of garment workers, and the environment.

What will your small change be?

How to Care for Your Clothes from The Fableists

30degreelaundrysymbolThe more you wash cloth, the shorter the life cycle of the item will be. The United Nations Environment programme found that if you wear your jeans at least three times before washing them, wash in cold water and hang dry without ironing you consume five times less energy. We encourage you to wipe away dirt and grime as a first resort. If washing is necessary, The Fableists clothes are made to survive a 30° C wash but please wash on the coldest setting you feel comfortable with, with a minimal amount of detergent on as gentle a cycle as possible and hang dry to save the clothes, your electricity bill and the planet. We recommend eco-friendly detergents, which have minimal aquatic toxicity and will biodegrade quickly and completely.

If you are concerned about bacteria that might survive a cold water wash, try a naturally antibacterial essential oil such as tea tree oil, peppermint, oregano, lavender, lemon, thyme or eucalyptus. This will not kill 100% of bacteria but will be very effective and will also give your washing a lovely, fresh scent. Hydrogen peroxide is a naturally occurring chemical and it is very effective at killing bacteria. It is safe on skin but does have a bleaching effect and should be used carefully. A top all round disinfecting product is plain old white vinegar. It will remove bacteria and stains and it also removes the build-up of soap scum and softens the water, leaving your washing soft and fluffy. All anti-bacterial products should be used in moderation so that they will remain effective.

We understand that you might need to use your tumble dryer – but do so wisely. Try to shorten the time of your load. Taking clothes out slightly damp and folding them immediately will reduce the need to iron (always a bonus!). You can also hang your load and then put it through the dryer on a quick cycle to soften them. Avoid dryer sheets, which are full of chemicals and break down organic fibres, which will shorten the life span of your clothes.

And now for the best news: Limit your ironing. This will preserve your sanity but ironing also uses energy (not just yours!) and deteriorates fabric. Obviously, some of your clothes require ironing but make the time to take your line-dried clothes down while still slightly damp, fold them promptly along the creases and pile them up. The folding and the weight will remove wrinkles.

A New Stockist – The Little Barn – Opening this Weekend in West Malling, Kent

Little Barn Shop Flyer


Come out and celebrate the opening of The Little Barn in West Malling, Kent this Saturday. The Little Barn will be stocking The Fableists’ range of artist-designed t-shirts, super soft long-sleeved tees and denims. They also will offer a range of women’s clothing and accessories as well as a fab coffee shop with the finest fair trade cofee and tea, cakes, smoothies and more.

Join the party this Saturday August 23rd!

More on The Little Barn to follow, including a Q&A with the owners and photos.

Sami Viljanto Tells us About His Designs for The Fableists’ Tees



Helsinki, Finland native Sami Viljanto is one of the artists behind the limited edition t-shirt designs for The Fableists (see Sami’s collection here). We asked him a few questions about how these images came to be. We think that you’ll agree that Mr Viljanto is not only very talented but very, very silly.

Sami is represented for illustration work by Rare Bird London.

The Fableists > Tell us a bit about your background. Where did you start, where do you come from?

Sami > When I was six, I was captured by a two-eyed giant, who lived on top of a mountain, in a cottage made out of raccoon flavoured Digestive biscuits. The place had no television, so he made me draw imaginary Matlock stories over and over. Then one day I was able to eat myself out, but as a result I can’t stand the taste of Digestive biscuit, and haven’t eaten them ever again.

The Fableists > What or who inspires your day-to-day work?

Sami > I have a German pet fox called Heinrich, who’s been lately having a hard time finding a job – apparently because of the language barrier. So, I’ve promised to pay for his language school. It’s not entirely cheap and – between us – I must say he isn’t really showing much of progression, but what I really respect and what inspires me every day, is his courage and mental strength to keep on trying, no matter what the others say.

The Fableists > Would you say you draw every day?

Sami > I haven’t always been that wise, but I guess I’m slowly starting to learn the lesson. I try to start every morning with a cup of coffee and a page of mindless doodling. I keep on saying it’s because I want to be a better illustrator, but it’s probably just because the close-by coffee shop has such good coffees.

The Fableists > Where are we most likely to find your work? Is it mostly in the medium of advertising, magazine, print work, online or other?

Sami > I’d say 40% are editorials, 20% advertising, 20% print and 20% is so top secret even I don’t know what it consists of. Do those add up to 100%? I copy-pasted it straight from my excel sheet of statistics.

The Fableists > What were the inspirations behind the designs you created for us?

Sami > I’ve been really interested in tattoos for years, and been trying to bring something from that aesthetic to my illustrations. Since I might never be brave enough to actually start tattooing people, these Fableists designs might be the closest I’ll ever get to that. I guess the theme also represents the level of permanence that I wish our clothing and gadgets could have.

The Fableists > What’s your feeling about The Fableists? Do you think there should be more people doing what we are?

Sami > I think it’s exactly the right way to go. Actuall,y it makes me angry that it’s still a marginal choice to buy things that are made ethically and environmentally, whereas it should really be the only option available. Like those warning pictures in cigarette packs, there should be ones in your t-shirt, so you’d actually see the person who worked 16 hours a day for you to get that new jacket for 10 pounds, ‘cos you’re too lazy to wash the previous one.

The Fableists > If you could work for anyone, who would it be? Do you have a dream client?

Sami > Hmm. First one that comes to mind is Michel Gondry. I don’t really know what we would do, but he just feels like a person that would be really interesting to work with. Other than that, I like to work with whoever concentrates on the quality, not just getting it done and moving on. Oh and MacGyver! It’s so good to work with people who don’t complain about every obstacle that comes along the way, but rather just take it easy and solve the problem.

The Fableists > Do you have a particular client that keeps coming back?

Sami > I have a couple of local magazines that have been kind enough to keep commissioning me multiple times.

The Fableists > Are there any places in the world that make you feel creative?

Sami > I think what inspires me most is change. So it’s not really that much about the actual place, but the change in contrast to the previous one. Does this make any sense?

The Fableists > If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?

Sami > I have to admit, that I wasn’t entirely honest in the first question, and must say that I regret lying to you guys straight up in the beginning. So, to change one thing, I would correct that, and like to state now, that I do still eat Digestive biscuits. Sorry about that. [It’s okay, Sami. You’re forgiven, Love The Fableists]

Support our Kickstarter Campaign and Grab a Bargain!

We are running a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for our second collection. The campaign ends in less than 24 hours. We urgently need your help in order to make the campaign a success and get our new range ordered! You can pledge as little as £1 but please have a look at the fabulous rewards that we are offering, many of which include discounted items from The Fableists’ current range!

Please check out the campaign by clicking on the image:

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