On Set of The Fableists’ Film Project with Director Olivier Venturini

The A-Team

The A-Team

The Fableists spent the weekend on set in London with eight year old skateboarding phenomenon, Finn. Director Olivier Venturini, who is represented by international film production company Great Guns, shot two days’ worth of skateboarding around London. And we were blessed by a glorious weekend – free from the recent torrential storms which have battered much of the UK.

Venturini’s idea, to create a series of films about kids all over the world – The Fableists – to highlight their talents and passions, as well as what drives them, is now underway and we could not be more excited. You can read more about Olivier and this project here.


The kids we will feature will all be from different countries and backgrounds but will somehow represent The Fableists’ philosophy: Kids are kids – all exploring the world around them and finding their way. Fun, adventure and creativity are just part of their make-up.


The shoot this weekend followed Finn as he got up in his East London apartment for a day filled with skateboarding. We followed him to skate parks, his local café, around the streets of his neighbourhood and to a final skate at City Hall. Along the way, Venturini captured Finn and his amazing talents as well as the amount of effort and heart that he and his family have devoted to his passion. He’s also shown that Finn is still an eight year old boy.


At the end of the second day, when the last shot was wrapped at City Hall, a crowd had gathered who applauded Finn’s amazing show. A boarder in his 20s approached to ask Finn how old he was and was blown away by the answer. The two then had an impromptu showdown, with the older boarder left shaking his head in disbelief at the talent of his competition.


Olivier is an established commercial director. He is known for stunning visual work as well as his character development and comedy. He began his career in 1996 in Los Angeles. He then moved his family to London where he has completed work for high profiles clients such as Adidas, Playstation, BBC, Scottish Power, Coca Cola, Cartier, BMW, amongst others.


The film is produced by Great Guns’ Tim Francis and the DOP on the shoot was Steve Annis. Our agency partners Brothers and Sisters were on hand to make sure everything ran smoothly. Further credits TBA.

DSC_0032We look forward to sharing this film with you. Stay tuned because we’ll be sharing it here soon! DSC_0017

Director Olivier Venturini Talks About The Fableists’ Film Project

We have an exciting project in the works: Olivier Venturini will be heading up The Fableists’ first film advertising campaign.

Olivier Venturini

Olivier Venturini

Olivier is an established commercial director. He is known for stunning visual work as well as his character development and comedy. He began his career in 1996 in Los Angeles. He then moved his family to London where he has completed work for high profiles clients such as Adidas, Playstation, BBC, Scottish Power, Coca Cola, Cartier, BMW, amongst others.

Olivier is represented by Great Guns.

The Fableists > Welcome to the Fableists’ fold! How did you get involved?
Olivier > Laura Gregory thought of me and I was dreaming for a long time of getting involved on less client-driven projects with more creative opportunities. So I literally jumped on the occasion. The beauty of working with a startup is that everyone is genuinely excited, there is no history or established rules yet and you get to discuss ideas and concepts directly with the key people. No politics, no egos and even if we might have slightly different agendas, we all understand the work needs to be outstanding to be noticed.

Still from Otrivin - 'Castaway 2'

Otrivin – Castaway 2

The Fableists > What is your film making style like?
Olivier > I like film-making that appeals to your intellect as well as your emotions, I am always impressed with the efforts directors make to strip down the story to what really matters, I like unsettling time-jumps, I like realism and I hate anything explanatory. I am totally fascinated by actors capable of conveying emotions without doing much. I dislike loud film-making that calls too much attention. This is what I aspire to and hope I can achieve one day.

The Fableists > What do you think about The Fableists’ mandate for these films?
Olivier > It is brilliant, universal and yet unique. Turning our attention to kids anywhere in the world that have absolutely nothing in common but the fact that they best represent the Fableists’ philosophy is a concept with a great potential and exactly the kind of things I would love to see for a kid’s brand. Regardless to where these kids come from, whether they are poor, rich, going through a tough time or live a happy life, all that matters is that they impress us by how driven, how passionate, how courageous or how talented they are.

Still from Olivier's work

Still from Olivier’s work

The Fableists > How did you get your start as a director?
Olivier > I started as a runner, grew up in production companies and did all sorts of jobs before I got a chance to direct. The first chance I got was to direct a commercial for the Burkina Fasso in Africa. It was supposed to take place in a small remote African village and we ended up shooting people bare-chest in a Fontainebleau sandpit on a grey and cold day of February. A very exciting time of my life indeed.

The Fableists > What type of work are you best known for?
Olivier > I don’t know. [The Fableists: very modest answer!]

Still from MTC - 'Christmas'

MTC – Christmas

The Fableists > Do you have a favorite job that stands out from your whole career to date?
Olivier > Nur Die or William Lawson perhaps.

The Fableists > Tell us a bit about what you have planned for The Fableists’ films?
Olivier > We want to create a series of documentaries directed by Great Guns talents with only a few key elements in common to the platform. The rest is left to the directors’ interpretation. Our guidelines are still in discussion but I suggested that we don’t use voice over or any explanatory device, that we are never judgmental or melodramatic no matter how controversial the subject might be and that we have indeed consistent titles. We also want to keep it fairly short although we haven’t discussed a duration yet. To make it cost efficient, we will try to take advantage of the trips the directors make when on jobs and shoot with lightweight equipment, most probably the 5D. We want to also record sound and use a score. It is all in gestation.

Still from France Telecom - 'Ball'

France Telecom – Ball

The Fableists > How will this appeal to both kids and their parents?
Olivier > If we find the truly fabulous characters we are after, it will hopefully talk to the adults and shall also grab kids’ attention. We certainly don’t want to make this marketing driven and rather reflect what the brand truly is at heart.

The Fableists > Where do you get your inspiration for the work you do?
Olivier > I watch lots of photos and other people’s work. I always listen to lots of different music when I write and that’s mainly where my inspiration comes from: it seems to open my emotional valve. It doesn’t always work though.

Lovable - Zerogram-3

Lovable – Zerogram-3

The Fableists > Do you mostly win work through an advertising agency? Or via the client directly?
Olivier > I am a director, I am open to anything, really.

The Fableists > What do you suppose your kids, or the kids you know, will think of The Fableists?
Olivier > It is hard to say. I have 2 teenagers and a little girl in the Fableists’ age range. They have their own taste and I am curious to see what they will make of all of this.

L'Oreal Elvive - Mexico

L’Oreal Elvive – Mexico