Flash Sale on All Anthony Peters Designed T-Shirts – 40% off!

Special sale on all of the t-shirts in the Anthony Peters collection at The Fableists. Currently a steal at £10 each (reduced from £16). Get yours while the sale lasts!

Illustrator and Designer Anthony Peters

Illustrator and Designer Anthony Peters

Anthony Peters is a UK-based illustrator and designer. He has illustrated three t-shirts for The Fableists. You can see them below. Anthony is represented by RARE BIRD in London. Read our interview with Anthony here. 

wear me out

‘Wear Me Out’ perfectly illustrates our philosophy of buy less and wear more. We want your little Fableists to put as much in to the clothes as we have and do their best to wear them out! Wear often and care for them well.


‘Make Art Not War’ shows three soldiers armed with pencil, crayon, paper clip and sharpener! Is the pen mightier than the sword? Let’s see what our kids can do with their pens.

happy factory

‘Happy Factory’ depicts a factory that isn’t spewing foul air, where people are happy to come and they are fairly paid for their work.

Buy your Anthony Peters illustrated tees here. Sale ends Monday June 16th.


Find The Golden Ticket and Win Free Fableists Clobber

Fableists-Gold-Ticket_002_WhiteBackground[1]Want to win some some terrific garb from The Fableists this Christmas?

We’ve hidden a ‘Golden Ticket’ (pictured) somewhere on our website. Simply, search the product images on our site until you find the one with the Golden Ticket.

Tweet a screen grab of its location or the picture itself using the hashtag #TheFableists and you’ll be entered into the draw.

Be careful – the Golden Ticket will move! You can enter each time the Golden Ticket moves.

To take a screen grab, just click the ‘prt screen’ key at the top right of your keyboard and paste it in to photo editing software. Alternatively, you can right click to save the image, or simply take a photo of your screen!

The competition begins NOW and will run until Tuesday December 3rd. Then we will put all entries in to the draw and the winner will be announced on Wednesday December 4th.

The winner will get a voucher for the website that will give them a credit of £200 towards their shopping – just in time for Christmas!

‘Vintage’, not ‘Second Hand’

I guess you could say that ‘vintage’ is a fancy pants word for ‘second hand’ but they aren’t exactly the same thing. We think that items of quality earn the tag ‘vintage’ as they age because they either get better or, with proper care, show no wear at all. While brand new, dark denim is totally sweetchious, nothing beats your old worn-in jeans. Buying new jeans that are made to look worn in is for poseurs but it also takes a pile of chemicals and a huge amount of water to achieve those wear marks.

Smock Top and Denim Skirt

Smock Top and Denim Skirt

We don’t want to wish time away but as we prepare for the launch of The Fableists, we are already excited for the time when our clothes achieve ‘vintage’ status! If you use a cold wash and line dry our clothes, there is no reason they won’t last to pass on to a sibling, other family member, friend, sell on eBay or at a local consignment shop. We love the look of these clothes brand spanking new but can’t you just see how great they’ll look by kid number two?

Smock Dress

Smock Dress