The Fableists in Little Flea’s Latest Issue

Little Flea Spring 1

At left, our This is a Flag tee, buy it here and at centre the Baseball top, which you can find here.

Little Flea has just released their third issue. It’s packed with great articles, ideas and fashion for kids. The Fableists are honoured to have been included in a couple of the shoots. You can read the whole issue here. 

Little Flea Spring 2

Top left, centre, our You Are What you Wear Tee, available here. Also in bottom right.

Little Flea Spring 3

At left as well as below, left, our Dress Good tee, available here

Little Flea Spring 4

Little Flea Spring 5

The Breton top. Find it here.

Little Flea Spring 6

At right, our dark denim jeans. Buy them here (they are THE BEST!!)

Thanks very much to Anna and Little Flea!

Little Flea Spring 7

Our super cute dark denim jean skirt. Find it here.


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