“Wartime Fashion” Sticker Dressing from Usborne


usborne 6The Fableists jumped at the chance of a sneak peek at Usborne’s latest “Sticker Dolly Dressing” book, available now. This release features all the engrossing sticking fun of previous issues – but with a historical twist.

HSDD wartime fashion

In time to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the end of the Second World War, Sticker Dressing Wartime Fashion is a detailed look at the distinctive fashions that developed out of necessity during the wartime period. The book features the same layout as previous books in this series with a page illustrated around a theme and a collection of over 170 stickers to match to the appropriate page.

usborne 9

Each page’s theme shows examples of how men and women may have dressed for certain jobs, events or conditions during WWII, such as ‘Under Occupation’, ‘Saying Goodbye’, and ‘On Duty’. There are also examples of what war brides may have worn and a ‘Make Do and Mend’ page. Informative notes, photographs and sketches explaining the clothes and adding historical context accompany each of the fashions.

air raid

Our copy arrived just in time for half term and these Fableists spent hours poring over the facts and images and carefully dressing each character in the book. They were fascinated by the given names of the era, some of which they had never heard, while others are currently enjoying a resurgence in popularity.

usborne 5

Many of the styles looked out of date to their eyes but they were able recognise some of the fashions from exhibits at the V&A and other museums. Of particular interest was the look at the unique ‘make do and mend’ fashions that developed during the war. This is the perfect companion to the Fashion on the Ration exhibition at Imperial War Museum London, which opens Thursday 5th March.

usborne 4

Wartime Fashion also highlights internet links to websites where you can find out more about life in the Second World War. This edition is aimed at the 7+ age group and is £5.99 via the Usborne site.

usborne 8


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