Matisse Cut Out Screen Printing Workshops sponsored by The Fableists at Ruby & Norm




ruby and norm

The Fableists will be back at Ruby and Norm this coming weekend for another fab printing workshop for kids. photo 3

Ruby & Norm will be hosting another sessions of ‘Matisse Cut Outs’ in their shop in south London on December 14th. These sessions are sponsored by The Fableists.

The workshops are run by The Conservatoire.

During the sessions, children are given basic shapes to cut out and paste on their screen, using both the positive and negative shape. They will use scissors to cut shapes and stick them onto the screen print in one colour or in blended colours onto paper and fabric. Parents can take the fabric away to make a bag.

rubyand norm

8 to 10 children each session
Time : 11am to 12.30pm
length of each session : 90 minutes
Age of children: 8 – 12 years
Bookings: to be taken at Ruby and Norm but contact details of the participants to be shared with the Conservatoire.
Conservatoire Staff: one tutor and one assistant.

Ruby & Norm
266 Lee High Street, SE13 5PL
07947 762 174

All Fableists Stock at Ruby & Norm will be 50% off for this event, so please come and see us!

The Fableists


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