The Fableists on the cool heads… the Contemporary Boys’ Store

cool heads

Photographer, creative director and mother of two boys, Kiki Kouthoofd has launched her own curated shop for boys, online. For the past couple of years, Kiki has been blogging and photographing her life and lifestyle as the mother of boys at the cool heads. She has attracted many loyal followers, who love the brands she’s discovered, the looks she’s put together and her fun and friendly way. This is a special blog, where you feel you know the writer and that you are getting personal recommendations. And they are the best kind.


Photos via the cool heads

Now, it makes sense for Kiki to offer her finds for sale in her beautiful, curated shop for contemporary boys and their style-savvy parents. This shop is by no means exclusive to boys – as Kiki herself acknowledges, the current trend towards unisex looks makes this a great shop for cool girls who want to play with the boys.

You’ll find more than fashion! the cool heads offer a great selection of books, magazines, wall art, accessories, toys and more.

the cool heads tees

You’ll find some amazing brands at the cool heads, all hand-picked by Kiki:


We are thrilled to be in such great company.

the cool heads are based in Amsterdam but ship their collection all over Europe. Visit and have a look.


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