Brand Focus- The Fableists

Thanks to Mind the Cashmere for this Q&A with Matt Cooper from The Fableists

Mind the cashmere

We are loving The Fableists clothing range and their very cool motto “Play Hard Live Forever” we have definitely joined The Fableists Revolution!


Can you describe how you began your sustainable ‘cool clobber’ brand?

It all really came about by accident when several interests and aspects of my life collided. I’ve always had a ‘uniform’ in my own dressing. Working in the advertising industry is very casual, so denim and t-shirts are a staple of my wardrobe – no matter the occasion. I want my kids to look cool but I also want them to feel happy and comfortable in their clothes. I don’t want them to be fashion plates or mannequins and I certainly don’t want my girls to be defined or held back by their clothes. The Fableists look allows the kids’ personalities to come through.

Another inspiration came from the fact that I was a punk as a kid and several years ago…

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