Raising for Rana Total at £4,500 and Climbing

Raising for Rana took place on the 24th of April in London. The event’s aim was to raise money for victims of the collapse of the garment factory at Rana Plaza in Dhaka, Bangledesh a year earlier.

The fundraiser was organised by documentary film company Rainbow Collective, in association with charity organisations traid, War on Want and OpenVizor. Rainbow Collective premiered their moving documentary Tears in the Fabric at the event (view it above). ‘Tears’ looks at the community affected by the disaster, a year on. You can read the Huffington Post’s review here.

Raising for Rana have – today – announced that they have raised over £4,500 through their charity auction and private donations. The event drew over 300 guests and you can see images of the event on the Raising for Rana web site. They have also launched an online charity shop via their site. You can visit the site to buy ethically made clothes and other products. Donations are welcome.

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