Please Share our Film: We’re giving 20% of Sales to Victims of Rana Plaza

The Fableists are helping to raise funds for the event Raising for Rana. We are pledging 20% of all sales in April and May to helping victims of the Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh last year. All of the money that Raising for Rana collects will go directly to the victims.

20% of all sales (exclusing shipping) from will be donated, so this is a great time to place your order and help support a great cause.

All of The Fableists’ clothes are ethically produced in factories that have been certified as safe for the workers. We do not use sweatshops and we do not use child or slave labour during any part of the making of our clothes; from the planting of the cotton to the delivery of the goods to your door. We believe that it’s high time that all¬†businesses operate this way.

Please watch our film, which lets everyone know about the money we’re pledging to Raising for Rana. Like, share, and tweet the film and help us to raise a lot of money.


The Fableists


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