20% of all The Fableists’ Sales in April to be Donated to Raising for Rana

20RFR new

We are very pleased to annouce that 20% of all The Fableists’ web sales in April 2014 will be donated to Raising for Rana. 

Raising For Rana is a not-for-profit initiative that has teamed with War on Want, TRAID and the documentary film production company Rainbow Collective CIC to put on a large scale charity fundraising event in London on April 24th, the one year anniversary of the Rana Plaza garment factory collapse in Bangladesh. The event will feature the film premiere of Rainbow Collective’s documentary Tears in the Fabric. You can read our interview with directors Richard and Hannan and find out about the charity auction fundraiser here.

Shop ’til you drop – and all for a great cause!

You can rest assured that the clothes you buy for your children from The Fableists are not made in sweatshops, or using child labour. They do not contain harmful toxic chemicals as they are made of organic cotton, supporting a collective of farmers in India. They are dyed using natural ingredients in a closed-loop system that does not dump chemicals back in to the environment. The waste water is purified and recycled for the next batch of dying.

Visit us at www.TheFableists.com and support this great cause.

Please share using the social media buttons below if you believe that clothes should be made ethically. Thank you. 

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