The Fableists x

A fabulous Fableist-y post from our friends at Maison Bentley Style today. Terrific photos of kids being kids in our clothes – just what we like to see!

Maison Bentley Style


(Bella wearing Baseball shirt £20)

The driving force behind The Fableist’s children’s label has nothing to do with fashion, it has nothing to do with faddy designs or even seasonal clothes.  The name comes from the amalgamation of two words – ‘fables’ – for the telling of stories and most importantly, where each piece of clothing comes from, and ‘activist’ – what it’s going to take to change this industry around.   The simple focus of the brand is the wish to do the best for our children and that this should never involve child labour or harmful chemicals.


(Charlie wearing Recycle tee £16)

But that doesn’t mean the fashion doesn’t exist..


Look through the Collection and you’ll find their Chore coat..utilitarian to a seam – can be worn by either boys or girls..timeless, versatile and a wardrobe staple winter or summer.


(Bella wearing Charlie’s Breton tee! £20)


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