Some Recent Press for The Fableists

It’s not been a bad 24 hours for press!


Please click the image to go to the story

First we were included in EcoSalon, The Conscious Culture and Fashion magazine based out of Los Angeles. We feel as though writer Kelly Aaron has captured the essence of The Fableists so well and we are thoroughly delighted by her write up.

Today we’ve also been included in the April ‘Eco’ edition of baby&me Magazine, a monthly magazine aimed at young families in the London area.

Baby and Me 1

You can see the story online here. Or you can download the entire digital edition of the issue, which we highly recommend for great features on all things ‘green’ and kids.

To download the issue, visit this and me 2

Stay tuned because we’ve got more exciting coverage of The Fableist coming up very soon! Get your orders in quickly at our web site before this range sells out!

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