The Panda Made me do it! Earth Hour March 29th 8:30 pm – WORLDWIDE

Where will you be on March 29th at 8:30 pm? We hope that wherever you are, it will be in the dark!

Hundreds of millions of people all over the world come together for Earth Hour and its symbolic ‘lights out’ display. The power of Earth Hour is that it proves that there are hundreds of millions of people who care about the planet and who are willing to join to celebrate our Earth and renew their commitment to preserving it.

Whether you choose to celebrate this magic hour outside in the dark, or huddled indoors by candlelight, think about how easy it is to make this small commitment once a year and maybe we can all add our own weekly Earth Hour in to our schedules.

Earth Hour is a WWF endeavour. According to them, in the UK alone we are using three times our fair share of the planet’s natural resources. All on one tiny little island.

Earth Hour starts in Samoa and finishes in the Cook Islands. So get out the globe, atlas or map and show your kids how this celebration will progress across the planet. If ever there was a reason to keep your kids up late on a Saturday night, then this is it. This kind of event speaks to kids. There is the excitement of being in the dark and being up late but they are also naturally inclined to do the right thing. Kids get taking care of the Earth much better than their parents.

Your kids will be part of a huge community from all over the world. 154 countries are taking part, with over 7,000 cities pledging to turn off the lights. After Earth Hour 2013, over 80% of those surveyed in the UK said they would do something else to help protect the environment after participating in Earth Hour. That is an amazing statistic.

Sign up to take part in Earth Hour here and be sure to join the interactive map. There are loads of other ways that you can get involved as well. Then start planning what you will do at 8:30 on 29th March. The WWF has lots of great suggestions for things to do for Earth Hour. Perhaps you’ll celebrate on your own at home, or with your family, or maybe you’ll take Earth Hour to the streets. Perhaps you can get your local community involved with a candlelit walk around the area at that time. Maybe you’ll be more creative. Please share with us what you get up to! Whatever you do, encourage your friends, family and neighbours to switch off their lights and join you.

Make Earth Hour the party of the year!

Credit: WWF

Credit: WWF

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