Nominate The Fableists for the Observer Ethical Award

Guardian-Ethical-Awards-Fly-Static-620x94_v2This year marks the ninth anniversary of The Observer Ethical Awards, in association with Ecover. The closing date for nominations is 21 March 2014. Once the deadline has been reached, the nominees will be voted on by the public. The winners will be announced in June.

Please nominate The Fableists!

You will have to sign in to The Guardian in order to nominate us, but this only takes a second. Then you might have to click the links for each category again.

The Fableists could be considered for two categories, so please nominate us twice:

1 – You can nominate The Fableists in the Ethical Retailer category. They are looking for companies who champion an ethical supply chain from any type of business. This nomination just takes seconds to fill in with The Fableists or and for branch/city you can enter London.

2 – There is also a sustainable fashion category, Sponsored by Econyl and Eco Age, which is looking for the Ultimate Piece of Sustainable Fashion. To nominate The Fableists in this category as well, please go to this link (click the blue letters!). 

You can enter anything you like in to the spaces provided in the nomination form and can nominate any items from our collection. We are highlighting our unisex classic denim jeans because all boys and girls wear them and jeans are the most loved item of clothing in all closets – or you can copy and paste the text below for each section of the nomination form:

In Brief (you can copy and paste from below)
Something that comes by the ‘piece’ doesn’t sound very sustainable. To The Fableists, sustainable fashion means more than just an art installation. It means clothes that are made ethically, with every consideration for the Earth. It means clothes that will be worn a lot, cared for, passed on to someone else and made in to something new when it can no longer go on. Extra sustainability points for the fact that The Fableists clothes are made for kids, who can learn about where, how and by whom their clothes were made and in doing so become better future consumers. Now, that’s sustainable fashion.

Every child wears jeans and these are made for both boys and girls and built to be passed on, and on, and on. When you’re done with them, or when they are coming to the end of their lives, The Fableists will take them back and pass them on for you, or make something else out of them.

The Fableists’ denim is made to order. The cotton is grown in a part of India that is fed by monsoon rains. The cotton is certified organic by GOTS, so it is not grown with loads of poisonous insecticides by a collective of small holding or marginal farmers who, by working together, have been able to negotiate fair prices for their crops, making farming sustainable in their region. The cotton is woven, dyed and assembled into classic cut dark denim jeans for boys and girls aged 4-10 nearby.

Ethical Approach (you can copy and paste from below)
These jeans have been certified by GOTS as an organic product. GOTS carries with it a social and ethical component as well. The garment factory has been inspected by The Fableists but it is also certified FLOCERT (FLO ID 4512), and Fair Trade-USA. The stitching factories are SA8000 certified. The workers in the factories are paid a living wage and receive many allowances and premiums such as House Rent, yearly bonus, transportation, medical insurance benefits for themselves and their families and more.

The Fableists ensure that the ecosystem around where the clothes are made is not left poisoned with toxins, which could affect the health of the communities around the factories. The worst pollution generally comes from the dying of the materials. The dye houses used run on rice husk, which is a waste product from the processing of rice for generating steam. They do not burn fossil fuel and thus are able to earn carbon credits. They also recycle and reuse the majority of their process water and have reverse osmosis plants to purify the water which can then be reused.

You’ll need an image and a link, which are below. You’ll have to right click the image below and ‘save as’ to your desktop to then upload to the nomination form.

The Fableists Denim Jeans

We’d be very grateful if you nominated us! And please feel free to shout about it over all the social media outlets in all the lands using @ObserverEthical and #EthicalAwards.

The Fableists

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