The SOURCE Brand Preview 2014: February 4/5 Featuring The Fableists

source brand preview

The SOURCE Brand Preview 2014 is a webinar presented by the Ethical Fashion Forum. It is a chance for ethically produced brands to showcase their collections, introduce themselves and tell the story of their companies. Media, buyers, students and members of the public are able to attend virtually using computers to interact with the brands’ representatives.

There are a series of one-hour webinars throughout the two day period, each one focussing on an area of ethical fashion, from prints to clothing and accessories (incl Kids Wear). A selection of ethical brands working in the specific field will be featured. See the full programme here.

The Fableists will be participating on Day 2: Wednesday 5 February from 17:30 to 18:30 GMT in the panel on Children, presented by Dhana EcoKids. Register here to listen and participate. You will hear all of the brands presented by the moderator and then Matt Cooper, founder of The Fableists will speak and answer a few questions. If you have questions, they will be referred to the presenter you wish to ask.

Visitors can register online and are given a unique URL so that they can listen in to the presentations and send questions.

If you work in fashion, this is a must to find out which brands are working ethically. As a member of the public, you can get a great idea of the fashion that is out there that is made to a high ethical standard.

The Ethical Fashion Forum says:
SOURCE Brand Preview uses a powerful meeting platform to connect you with the brands and designers exhibiting in your chosen categories. Connect directly with inspirational entrepreneurs, founders and designers from the world’s most pioneering brands, gain a visual introduction to products, get your questions answered and update on latest innovation in sustainable fashion. We run SOURCE Brand Preview in association with SOURCE Founding Partners: brands, suppliers and organisations who are pioneering best practice across the fashion industry supply chain.

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