Burberry: Detoxing is not just a fashion fad | Greenpeace International

detox burberryLast week we reported on Greenpeace’s study that discovered toxic chemicals in kids clothes from a number of major retailers. This is not only alarming but surely the final push consumers need to stop buying clothes from fast fashion retailers – if not for themselves then at least for their kids.

The skin is porous and absorbs everything it comes in contact with. If the clothes that you put on your child contain chemicals, these will be absorbed by the skin and could make it in to the blood stream. Your child will also breathe in the chemicals, which could result in respiratory issues. Ever wonder why so many more kids suffer from eczema and asthma nowadays?

It is time to start seriously thinking about the clothes that we are buying and making changes. Our children are so precious to us. We watch what they eat, we put them in hats and sunscreen, we hold their hands when we cross the road – we do everything we can to protect them. Now protect them from the clothes that could be causing them harm.

Greenpeace have launched a campaign against the fashion house Burberry for using materials in their kids’ clothing that contain toxic chemicals. You can read more about what you can do to help let Burberry know that we will not buy their clothes until they can commit to detoxing their brand below.

Change has got to come to the fashion industry. The time is now.

Burberry: Detoxing is not just a fashion fad | Greenpeace International.

burberry detox 2

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