New Items Now in Stock!

Jhango in the Smock Dress in Red

Jhango in the Smock Dress in Red

Our full collection is now in stock!

We’d like to thank you for your patience with us but good things come to those who wait – and these items are very, very good! I have been over the warehouse to inspect the items myself and have personally put the passports in to each package. Let me tell you a bit about each one.

The Smock Dress in Red

Sophia in the Smock Dress

Sophia in the Smock Dress

Oh my goodness it is so gorgeous! This has been the most popular item on our web site so far – even though it’s only been available to pre-order. The actual item will not disappoint. It is made of very soft and fine certified organic cotton chambray. It is tough but delicate. The fabric is thick enough to be worn with tights (or over jeans as a tunic) for winter but thin enough to wear year round. If my kids’ school colour was red, they would have a wardrobe full of these for their school summer dress. In fact, we might just have to sample this in green and blue as well.dress_141_a_

The sleeves can be rolled up and secured with a button to make them elbow length. It is smart and neat and the tie sash will draw the dress in for a more fitted look. I wish it came in my size – it’s that nice, people! And oooh la la, it’s even been featured in the Mail Online.


Mimi is in the Smock Top and Classic Denim Skirt

Mimi is in the Smock Top and Classic Denim Skirt

The Smock Top in Blue (unisex)
This was the very first item that we designed. It is made of the same fabric as the dress (above), only blue (obvs). It looks great on boys and girls would make a terrific school shirt if your child’s school colour is blue and if they aren’t overly fussy about white shirts. Again, I might have to sample this in green so that it can be worn to school.smock_059_1

The fabric is fine but tough enough to take a beating. It also hangs beautifully and is thick enough to not require ironing if you give it a good shake and hang to dry.

Chore Coat in Blue

Chore Coat in Blue

The Chore Coat in Blue or Taupe (unisex)
We kind of think of this as our signature item and it does not disappoint. This is the item that Matt Cooper (The Founder of The Fableists) was most desperate to make as he wears a vintage version almost every day of the year. He wears his under a coat in winter in place of a cardigan and he wears it the rest of the year as a lightweight jacket. It is just as smart as it is casual and perfect for boys and girls, who can throw it on over anything.

Henry is wearing the Classic Jeans and French Chore Coat in Taupe with the 'Wear Me Out' tee by Anthony Peters

Henry is wearing the Classic Jeans and French Chore Coat in Taupe with the ‘Wear Me Out’ tee by Anthony Peters

All of the new items are lovely and I have already placed my order for all of them! They are all made of certified organic cotton in factories that have also achieved certification for their legal and ethical practices. The exact certification achieved for each item can be found on each individual garment’s page as they do vary slightly as each producer, factory and manufacturer can use a different accreditation scheme.

Our full first collection is now available to order. Our clothes are not mass produced, they are made carefully. Therefore, they are not available in huge quantities and you’d better grab yours while they are still around!

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