Make a New Year’s Revolution

ofjMZkwAt this time of year, stuffed full and a few pounds heavier from Christmas over-indulgence, we start to heap pressure on ourselves with New Year’s resolutions. Sometimes we stick to them and sometimes we don’t.

How about choosing a few lifestyle changes that are easy to stick to? We’re calling it a New Year’s Revolution. Make a list with your kids of ways to consume less and reduce waste – they will love it, so let them take charge. Here are a few suggestions:

Start a compost
Collect rain water in a water butt to use for watering your garden
Plant some veggies in your garden or on a window ledge
Recycle more of your waste
Choose seasonal fruit and vegetables
Turn off lights when they aren’t in use
Buy less of the stuff you don’t need
Make sure the things you are buying are produced ethically
Buy things that don’t harm the planet to produce or dispose of
Wash your clothes at 30 degrees or less
Hang your washing and use your tumble dryer less
Turn off the water when it’s not in use

Packed lunches are a place where big changes can be made:
Choose re-usable water and drinks bottles rather than plastic bottles and drink boxes
Invest in some re-usable containers instead of foil and cling film
Don’t buy multi-packs (which use more packaging), buy large packs and separate them in to your containers

This lists consists of some simple, every day ideas to live a more sustainable life. You don’t have to take them all on at once and you might have several other ideas for things you can change and do as a family. Start with a couple at the beginning of the year and build on them. You’ll be amazed at how easy these small things are to incorporate in to your lives and they will save you energy, money and reduce your waste. It will also teach your kids to start taking care of their world and being responsible for something. Good all around.

Have fun with it and let us know how you get on! Send us the ideas and lists that your kids come up with and we’ll start an album on our Facebook page.

Happy New Year! May 2014 be the very best year yet.

The Fableists

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