A Little Bit About Our Sizing

The measurements of our straight cut denim jeans

The measurements of our straight cut denim jeans

We know that all kids come in different shapes and sizes and it’s hard to fit all kids in to a standard size set. Our sizing is based on generous standard sizing. We’ve added a bit of extra length to our jeans and some longer sleeves on our tops so that they can be rolled up. This way they will last longer on your child but also fit those kids who have had a recent growth spurt.

To make it easier to decide with size you need from The Fableists, we’ve added the measurements of each garment to its page on our web site. You’ll find the chart (example pictured above) under the garment’s product images. Don’t be afraid to get the measuring tape out – it will only take a minute to check for the correct size. If you have a 10 year old who is tall for their age, it’s worth measuring because they might fit our clothes – we’ve had even adult women wearing our tops!

To help with adjusting to the right size, our denim skirt and jeans are both equipped with an elasticated inner waist that can easily cinch a waist a several centimetres.

If you have any questions about the sizing, please do not hesitate to get in touch and we can help you out.

The Fableists

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