The Clothing Passports

justin passportsEvery item of clothing we produce comes with its own ‘passport’. This isn’t to help it cross international borders but rather to record who has owned it.

We’ve told you a bit about the passports before. They are made of recycled post-consumer paper, mixed with rhinoceros dung. They have a lovely, rough texture and we promise they do not smell of poo!justing passports 2As our t-shirts are all limited edition printings, they are issued a print number from 1 to 500. For our first run of t-shirt, the team at The Fableists have hand written the name of the artist and the print number on each passport. Talk about a personal touch! passport openInside is space to record the owners of the items, so that you can trace where the clothes have been. We can’t wait to see these filled in over time and hope they’ll come back to us with the clothes when they are finished with.

The passports are packed in with the clothes, for you to keep.tshirts in bags 2

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