The Fableists: Big and Little

Big and Little

Big and Little

I Love this picture for three reasons.

One, because it is a gorgeous snap of my lovely daughter Amelie (with her not so beautiful father!).

Two, because this was a monumental day, one in which the amazing Sam Robinson shot our first ever collection in east London over 3 locations. We can’t wait to see the results.

And three, because it happened that our stylist and designer decided to put Amelie in our French Chore Coat, Breton Shirt and Dark Denim Jeans for her first look and it mirrored what I was wearing (and kind of always do). I think it proves beautifully how these classic clothes can look so much better on kids than their parents and also how the clothes look equally as good on a girl as they do a boy. Most of our first collection is gender neutral; ideal for passing the clothes on. Now that can save you some cash!

I love the snap. The outfit I am wearing is what inspired the style of The Fableists and it was a complete coincidence that we had the same stuff on.

It will all be ready for sale shortly and seeing the kids in the clothes was just so exciting for us yesterday. The kids worked the clothes pretty hard!

Beautifully designed clothes, made well in a totally sustainable way.

Matt Cooper, Founder

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