Camping with The Fableists’ Tees

Summer holidays = camping. Right?

fableists camping

Another great opportunity to show off some of the artist-designed t-shirts from The Fableists. And what better test drive than wearing the same clothes for several days (and nights) to really put them through the wringer? These tees have been slept in, they’ve been fishing, they’ve swung on rope swings out over the river, been cooked in, biked in and had mud pies made whilst wearing them. They’ve been rained on and shone on, they’ve enjoyed ice cream, daily ketchup lashings – and lived to tell the tale.DSCN1301

(PS – A cold water wash with a hearty helping of white vinegar got the chocolate and mud stains out!)

Refusing to show her top for the photo!

Refusing to show her top for the photo!



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