Calling All Rad Little Punks!

clapperboardWe’re searching for extraordinary kids aged between 6-10 to feature in a series of mini documentaries.

Our aim is to discover kids that have amazing and inspiring stories to tell.

Whether it’s a story of enormous courage, incredible talent, or overcoming something difficult, we want to know.

We’re gonna search for these amazing little ‘uns all over the world, from Tokyo to Paris, from Rio to Mumbai.

But for our first film, we want to start with a London-based (or surrounding) kid.

It makes no difference what their background or passion might be. They could be ballet dancers, stamp collectors, rappers, inventors or gamers. It doesn’t matter.

As long as they’re free-spirited, believe anything is possible and represent the DIY attitude of The Fableists’, they’re in with a chance.

You can read more about the director of this project Olivier Venturini in our interview with him.

If you know a kid who fits that mould, email the answers to the questions below to

The little punk’s name:

Their age:

Where they’re from:

Tell us why this kid stands out from the rest by answering ALL the following questions in no more than 200 words (50 words per question).

What’s their biggest passion?

What’s their greatest achievement?

What do they wanna be when they grow up?

If they could have one superpower what would it be?

Attach a photo

In subject line, please put ‘Casting Call: [Child’s Name and Age]’

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