Let’s Hear it For the Girls

When Asked to Accessorize their Fableists' Duds, this is what they came up with

When Asked to Accessorize their Fableists’ Duds, this is what they came up with

The Fableists’ clothing is designed to be mostly unisex. You might be asking yourself: How does this work? We know that your sons might not want to wear dresses and are also very aware that little girls can be partial to a bit of embellishment! My girls are often drawn to the most garish items I can imagine. They love dressing up but, day to day, they are happiest in clothes that don’t hold them back. They love the clothes we’re producing for The Fableists. They just feel right and they let kids be themselves – while also looking decidedly cool!

Boys and girls can be very different – but they are all kids and kids like to run around and play. They need physical activity and to explore their surroundings. Our clothes are made for living in. We don’t mean your daughter can’t also have party dresses in her closet. We just hope that you will make considered decisions about which party dress you buy, where it came from, who made it, what it’s made from. A well-purchased party dress can be worn year round to a number of different occasions – by more than one girl.

Also, girls like to accessorize their outfits. Sometimes we can’t even see the kid through all the hair clips, scarves, layers and dollies they come out with. But all the patterns, sparkles, and accessories can be a bit hard on the eyes. The Fableists’ clothes provide a perfect canvas for your daughter’s self expression. The classic simple styling is a perfect backdrop for all that accessorizing!

Unisex clothes don’t mean you can’t let little girls be as girlie as they wish to be. Have fun with them!

Accessories are model's own!

Accessories are model’s own!


Western Top


Parisienne Smock Dress. She’s outgrown the length of the sample but it works well as a tunic


Denim Skirt with Western Top


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