‘Vintage’, not ‘Second Hand’

I guess you could say that ‘vintage’ is a fancy pants word for ‘second hand’ but they aren’t exactly the same thing. We think that items of quality earn the tag ‘vintage’ as they age because they either get better or, with proper care, show no wear at all. While brand new, dark denim is totally sweetchious, nothing beats your old worn-in jeans. Buying new jeans that are made to look worn in is for poseurs but it also takes a pile of chemicals and a huge amount of water to achieve those wear marks.

Smock Top and Denim Skirt

Smock Top and Denim Skirt

We don’t want to wish time away but as we prepare for the launch of The Fableists, we are already excited for the time when our clothes achieve ‘vintage’ status! If you use a cold wash and line dry our clothes, there is no reason they won’t last to pass on to a sibling, other family member, friend, sell on eBay or at a local consignment shop. We love the look of these clothes brand spanking new but can’t you just see how great they’ll look by kid number two?

Smock Dress

Smock Dress

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