The Clothes Need to Look Good!

Western Shirt and Gregori Saavedra's 'You are What you Wear' T-Shirt

Western Shirt and Gregori Saavedra’s ‘You are What you Wear’ T-Shirt

The sustainability of The Fableists’ clothing is one of our top considerations in designing and making the clothes. The other is how the clothes will look. While The Fableists put a huge emphasis on environmental, social and ethical considerations, we also want the little punks in our tribe to look sharp! Sustainable style has to transcend the whims of fashion, so our classic and clean tailoring is versatile.

Steve Scott's 'Rocking Bird' T-Shirt

Steve Scott’s ‘Rocking Bird’ T-Shirt

The majority of our clothes are made to suit both boys and girls, to be worn throughout the year and to be ideal for any number of occasions…all the while looking cool and being practical from a parenting standpoint. They are tough, well made, meant to pass on when outgrown and easy to care for. After all, how many tucks, creases, pleats and ruffles can one person iron in a lifetime?

Smock Top

Smock Top

You might choose our clothes because they are ethically made with materials that don’t cost the Earth but you can also choose our clothes based on looks alone. We want to change the way that we buy clothes, one design at a time.

Chore Coat and Classic Straight Cut Jeans

Chore Coat and Classic Straight Cut Jeans

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