The Fableists Speak at WWF One Planet Leaders MBA at Exeter University

WWF One Planet Leaders MBA at Exeter University

WWF One Planet Leaders MBA at Exeter University

The Fableists were recently invited to speak at the WWF One Planet Leaders MBA at Exeter University. Jean-Paul (JP) Jeanrenaud MSc. Oxon., of the WWF and Director of the MBA programme ask us to come along and present to the group of MBA candidates. We were honoured to be asked. For us, it’s a great place to tell more people about what we are up to and to discuss our business with the business leaders, CSOs and huge brains that happened to be there from all over the planet. We all love the WWF (who doesn’t, right?) and feel this MBA they are running will help change the world by creating future leaders of businesses that see things a different way – the right way, as far as we are concerned.

So, on Thursday the 13th of June 2013, Ruby and Matt got up and told the story of The Fablesists and were put through their paces. It was really exciting and great to be challenged on all points of our story. We were questioned in an intelligent way about what we are doing and why. We had a 3 hour slot which rattled past in no time and then had the wonderful experience of setting the crowd a task or two. They performed the tasks and fed back to us. Wow, their ideas were inspiring.

We spoke not just about more great reasons to be doing what we are doing, but other ways to push the brand. And, interestingly, other regions that the candidates thought that we should launch The Fableists. We felt like we made some new friends and perhaps created some new Fableists to help us along this road.

What a privilege, what a benefit and what a great day. It really was a great moment and made us realise that we not alone in our mission and also how important our business plan really is. You see we are all about collaboration and we think we found some new collaborators.

JP of the WWF commented, “We invited The Fableists to come and inspire the One Planet MBA students because they are a cutting edge example of how all businesses will be in the future. They care, they’re cool and they’re credible. They’re proving that doing the right thing is good for people, planet and profit. Dressing kids responsibly in robust clothes that have a story, lets you trace the journey of the tee-shirt, jacket or jeans from the farmer through the factory-worker to the finished garment in your wardrobe. Your kids can look good and you can feel good knowing that they’re dressed in clothes with a conscience. Wear the story!”

We are next speaking at an event this week in Cannes, France at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival.

We hope the more we talk, the more people will listen. We hope that in a couple of years all brands will have the same sustainability goals.

Thanks very much to JP at the WWF for this fantastic opportunity.

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