Meet our Creative Partner ~ Brothers and Sisters

Planning Meeting at Brothers and Sisters

Planning Meeting at Brothers and Sisters

We want to share our whole story with you and an important part of story of the Fableists is its characters. All of us share some common ground in that we have been connected to the advertising and film production world. We have been very lucky to spend much of our working lives in a creative environment, where collaboration is just part of the job. Over the years (too many to mention!), we have met, worked with and been awed by some amazingly talented people. Starting The Fableists didn’t spell the end of these relationships, it meant another opportunity to work with creative people we admire. We hope that through creative collaboration, we can help make some positive changes to the world in our own little way.

We are keen to get our ‘threads’ and story out to the world and shared our ideas and plans for The Fableists with a few advertising agencies. A chance meeting with Andy Fowler and Juliet Haygarth from Brothers and Sister in London grew into a friendly chat, that lead to further conversations. Our shared passion for the ethos behind The Fableists and their creative input and brand-building knowledge resulted in our partnering with them.

We knew straight away that Brothers and Sisters were the ideal partners for us. We couldn’t work with just any agency, it had to be one who really understood what we were trying to do. Sure, we are growing a business, and that is what all ad agencies are built to help with, but it’s not just any business. A sustainable business works on a triple bottom line model, in which the same emphasis is given to environmental and social impact as is given to profits. And you need to have partners who are 100% behind that goal.

Brothers and Sisters is one of main characters in our story. They are building the image of The Fableists and keeping us on track to bring our plans to fruition. We met with the team today, and had a cracking meeting to discuss our next steps. Photographed above are Matt Cooper, from the Fableists, planner Sophie Davies, Managing Director Juliet Haygarth and Andy Fowler, Executive Creative Director.

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