A Visit to India to Inspect A Factory

Mud Flap on Bike Outside the Factory

Mud Flap on Bike Outside the Factory

Last week, Matt Cooper, founder of the Fableists, went to India to visit one of the factories that we are using to make our clothes. He will be telling you a bit more about his visit and introducing some of the people that we met over the coming days.

He visited The Rajlakshmi Cotton Mills, Kolkata, a family-run business with long serving employees, and Fair Trade accreditation. We have chosen to work with them because they are passionate about their commitment to working sustainably to produce high quality, 100% organic cotton clothing. We have also chosen Rajlakshmi because of their involvement with Chetna Organic, who are committed to ethical and environmental practice. Chetna works with small and marginal farmers (over 15,000 of them) in the rain-fed regions of Maharashtra, Odisha and Andhra Pradesh, India. With strength in numbers, they are able to keep the quality of output high, while also ensuring that cotton farming remains a viable livelihood by getting fair prices for the farmers. They are also 100% Fair Trade and organically certified.

Rajlakshmi buy their organic cotton through Chetna and, in exchange, the collective own a stake in the factory. This is a great example of two groups supporting one another in order to improve the output, and also maintain cotton growing and manufacture in their region. They are both committed to working sustainably from soil to garment.

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