Valentine’s Day Activities for Kids

Valentine’s Day is all about L.O.V.E.

And love comes in many forms. The love that kids feel for their very best friends is strong and they love to give each other little gifts. Mine are forever coming home from school with pictures drawn for them by their friends, or little toys that someone has given them. These are precious keepsakes.

Love Rocks via

Love Rocks via

Valentine’s Day is a great time for them to show their love for their friends. When I was at school, Valentine’s Day was as big a day for receiving cards as Christmas, with almost every kid bringing a card for every other child in the class. We would learn the history of the day¬†and celebrate it at school with heart-shaped cakes and cinnamon hearts. We’d make Valentine’s for our parents and exchange them with our classmates.

We’ve got loads of recipes, crafts and other ideas for a great Valentine’s Day for kids on our Pinterest page. Come and have a look.

And have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.

L.O.V.E The Fableists xxoo

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